Appointment # 10 – going in circles

I kind of want to know how much this office is charging my insurance for these weekly appointments.

Showed up.

Peed in cup.

Blood pressure, good.

Baby’s heart rate, good.

Sugar levels, great.

Fundal measurement “2 cm” ahead.


At our pre-natal class that we’re taking at the hospital we are planning to have the baby in, the teacher (who is a LD nurse at that hospital) said that we’re allowed to labor in several positions, and that we’re allowed to give birth in any of several positions.

At the perinatologist he seemed to imply that my only option was on my back with my legs up.

But I brushed it aside, because someone who works in the hospital everyday would know what’s allowed in that hospital.

I have hip problems – which is why this is a big concern to me. I know that giving birth isn’t comfortable, but I’m hoping to be able to try several positions so that I can find the most comfortable position, to not put so much strain on my hips.

The doctor I saw today said that there are two options, but both of them involve being on your back with your legs in stirrups.

But then he tried to make it better by saying “the stirrups can be positioned to take the strain off of your knees”… well… that’s nice. I just said my hips hurt.


I feel like I’m going in circles. I am seeing six different medical professionals (4 doctors, 1 perinatologist, 1 diabetes specialist) and it kind of seems like… none of them are talking to each other. One doctor will say “Our goal is a natural birth” and the next week the doctor says “You will be induced at 39 weeks.”

I am sure some of your are getting sick of this merry-go-round, and to be honest it’s kind of making me dizzy.

The doctors keep referring to “the standard of care” and that it says “xyz” and it says “this and that”. And that’s all well and good. I’m glad there is some kind of standard. But the problem with this is that people don’t come in “standard” packages. Why should I be treated the same way as some one who failed the diabetes test a lot worse than I did.

I wish the doctors would ask me what I want, what my hopes, my expectations are… or at least listen to me when I say what they are… instead of just telling me what they do with every one else. I thought it was bad feeling like a number in college, but it is even worse feeling like a number when it comes to your health.

Honestly… I’m trying to not let it bother me any more. I just hate that I’ve become apathetic about my own medical care.

And the work countdown is: 3 days left!!!

Continue the fun!

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    1. While most pregnant women are counting down the weeks until they have a baby in their arms… I'm counting down the weeks until I don't have to go see these doctors any more. lol.

    1. the money. Insurance covers the majority of this stuff right now, and I worried about paying for a midwife, and then having to have a hospital birth any way (so essentially paying twice). Money was really tight we we first moved up here, and instead of delaying prenatal care until we could afford a mid wife, we just went with what we could afford. I'm too far along now to change to a mid-wife now, but it is definitely something I will consider more seriously next time.

  1. Jessica, if it's not too late I would seriously think about the midwife option. I'm having to change doctors at 8 months, because of the move, so, *technically* could. You would get that outrageous pre-copay back. I would look into it. I don't know if it's ever too late. I'm sure if you called a midwife and gave them your situation and told them the whole story, they would take you this late. That's not facts, though, just opinions.

    1. I thought about it – but I'm really not sure if I would get my money back that I've already paid. I'm just going to stick out, and as long as a healthy baby is born, I won't be complaining.

  2. If you haven't already you may want to write a birth plan to have a guideline to hand out. Talk with B man too about your wishes because you want to make sure he advocates for you.

    Also if you can afford it you may want to look into a Doula. Changing Dr so late might be dificult (although not impossible). I've heard that Doulas are here to assist in a non medical way, they provide support and advocate for you. Maybe it's something worth looking into?

    1. We had to write one for our birth prep class, but I haven't taken it to the doctors yet. But you're right – I should take it to them.

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