Girl's do it best…

So…tonight I went to a friend’s apartment for girl’s night/ Haley’s birthday, and Haley went to bed, and only I showed up. So Heather (Haley’s roommate) is asleep on the couch, and I am sitting on the couch typing boring crap on her computer! I would be working on my genre-less novel, but it’s at home…on my computer.

I don’t like LJ mixed with Firefox spell-check because it doesn’t let me check the spelling in the text entry section. It just tells me that it’s wrong. GAH. Then I have to keep guessing over and over again until I get it right. It drives me crazy.

So apparently I am un-date-able. Seriously. I just found out that every guy in the ward had a date tonight…and I am here watching CSI by myself…that is horribly exciting. lol. I feel like I am older then 18 years old. Today an old ex-boyfriend called me and asked me if he could come up and visit me. 😀 Now, laying aside that he’s my ex, it makes me very happy, but also puts a big “Don’t date me I’m not over my old boyfriends” sign on my face. Which isn’t true. (Honestly, we are just really good friends. This is obvious because I haven’t written about him at all…) but yeah.

The laptop is very hot on my lap, and so I am going to get off. Have a good weekend, and watch the football game tomorrow! UT vs. LSU!

Continue the fun!

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