Perinatology Appointment # 1

I’m sure that some people are probably getting sick of my constant baby appointments.

If you’re not… I am! haha!

Friday was my first appointment with the perinatologist. While it was informative, it felt more frustrating than anything else, as I felt like the doctor I was talking to was quoting old information.

The appointment was at 3:00. Around 4:30 they took me back and we started with the usual. My weight and BP were umm… the same as two days ago. Go figure.

Then back to the waiting room. Around 5:00 pm… yes… two hours after we arrived… we were taken to the ultrasound. It was good to see the little girl. The tech confirmed that she is in fact a little girl. They measured her head size and the size of her abdominal cavity.

She’s (supposedly) weighing in at 5.16 pounds. That is the 60th percentile for her “age”. lol. So much of this is based completely on speculation, I can’t take it seriously. For all they know my due date is a week off and then she would be measuring small.

Okay, back to the appointment. So she’s measuring fine.

Then the tech turned us over to the doctor. He didn’t say anything I didn’t already know. He seemed to imply that she was measuring big (which… I dunno… 60th percentile seems pretty average to me). It all was rather impersonal, the doctor was foreign, and has a funny habit of saying things, asking himself “Now why would I say that?” and then answering his own questions. lol.

All of the people at this office also assumed I was on insulin. Glad they read my file!

So really I paid $40 in copay so that a strange old man could tell me he thinks my baby is fat (I’m sticking with 60th percentile being pretty average), and then tell me that having gestational diabetes is dangerous and that I will have to be induced if I don’t have the baby by some arbitrary date.

I tried to not let him frustrate me. If they didn’t know I had gestational diabetes, they probably wouldn’t have said anything negative about the baby’s size.

A Question For You All

Should I post the baby pictures I get during the following weeks? I don’t want to bombard people’s readers with black and white ultrasound pictures… but I dunnoooo… she is kind of cute. We got a picture of her nose today. It’s actually pretty cool. lol.

Also, at the end of the appointment I was scheduled for three more appointments. So much for talking to them about putting some more space between the appointments. This doctor definitely had an air of  “I’m the professional and this is what you will do.”

What evs. I’m a big girl. I’ll just be a bit whiny. lol.


Continue the fun!

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  1. I'm so sorry you are having such negative experiences with doctors. 🙁 What a bummer.

    I wouldn't mind seeing some ultrasounds of your little girl! Have you picked a name yet? Will you be sharing it online? I LOVE the whole baby naming issue!

    1. We have a few names picked out, but nothing set in stone. Once we have decided we I will be sharing the name…. but I haven't gotten there yet. lol.

      Baby naming is definitely a challenge!

  2. I wouldn't mind an ultrasound picture!

    It sounds like you're getting really conflicting and confusing info from health professionals who aren't slowing down enough to read your file. That's a real bummer. You probably mentioned this but I'm having kind of a blonde day – do you know who's the delivery doctor and/or midwife yet? Do you have a good relationship with him/her?

    1. The problem is it could be any one of the four doctors from the OBGYN practice, just depends on which one is on duty when I go into labor. I guess the benefit of being induced would be that I could choose which doctor I am with. lol.

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