Appointment # 9: feeling better… but also worse.

You would all be so proud of me!

I didn’t cry at my most recent doctor appointment. I had kind of decided I wasn’t going to ask any questions or umm… talk… because that usually leads to crying. But I saw a new doctor on Wednesday. I was nervous – to be honest.

At the office I am going to they have 4 doctors that the patients rotate between. That way when you go to have your baby at the hospital you already know whichever doctor is on-call. I don’t know how common this is, but I guess it works. I would prefer to have one doctor – I think it would help with my anxiety if I could build a good relationship with one doctor, instead of semi-good relationships with 4.

The appointment started with the usuals.

Weight: hasn’t changed since my first appointment with them.
Blood Pressure: Good
Baby’s heart rate: 152 (good!)
Blood Glucose Numbers: good!

The nurse asked how I was doing, and if I was having any problems. I have been experiencing more pain in odd places, and some vaginal discharge that is new. The first  was explained away as normal pregnancy aches and pains and a 1-finger exam of my cervix (still closed). The second involved a swab test to see if I have a yeast infection. I don’t usually find these types of exams painful, but despite the amount of lubricant used – the speculum bit was super painful.

TMI. Sorry.

I showed her my blood glucose numbers, and she said that they looked fine. Other doctors in the practice had said my upper fasting limit could be 95 (instead of 90), and since 95 is the number recommended by the ADA. She seemed to think that I should still be shooting for 90. It’s not even a big difference (glucose meters have a 15 pt margin of error). Since two other have said 95 I’m not going to worry about it.

So I talked with the new doctor about the afore mentioned issues. Then she asked if I had any questions.

I said nothing. I was worried about crying in front of a new doctor again.

Then I laid down so she could measure my fundus.

And this is when I realized I liked her.

She says “You’re measuring about 1 week big, but that’s fine because as long as you are within 2 weeks either way of what’s you’re supposed to be it’s fine.”

HA! SEE!!! I knew that last doctor was just saying that to try and scare me into submitting to this planned induction thing.

At that point I asked about waiting to try and let my body start labor naturally, and she said that was their goal – that generally they try to avoid inductions unless absolutely required. We talked about the different methods of inductions, and that depending on my numbers I could possibly go to 40 weeks, or even a day or two past that.

The cherry on top of this is that I realized afterwards that I was the last patient of the day. But the doctor patiently, kindly, and fully answered all of my questions. Unlike the last doctor, I didn’t feel like I was imposing, and I didn’t feel rushed at all.


So, liking 3/4 doctors is pretty good… right?

The that’s the good part. Having her seem more willing to work with me really made me feel better about my choice in OBGYN practice.

The worse part is that I am feeling pretty crappy recently. I won’t go into too much detail – I have a 3rd trimester symptoms post planned for… soon.

And in other news… I am exactly one week away from being done with work!

Double win!



Continue the fun!

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  1. Glad your last appointment went really well! It feels great to speak to medical professionals that actually take the time to have intelligent conversations!

  2. The third trimester was really no fun for me. I was still working full time, but was huge, bloated, exhausted and emotional. Also I smelled. The good news is it will be over soon, and you will start feeling better almost immediately!

    1. You made me laugh with the "Also I smelled." I totally wasn't expecting that. I'm trying not to complain too much because the first 2/3rds of the pregnancy were so laid back and pain free (generally) that I don't want to seem ungrateful! lol.

  3. Oh! Hooray! I'm so glad for you this appointment went better. I was telling my (new! ah!) husband about your predicament the other day and we were both feeling sad for how powerless you felt. I was saying that I wished I could give you a hug and be your doula or something – even though we've never met, haha.

    It's nice this appointment set things back in the right direction.

    1. Congrats on your wedding!!! That is so exciting! And if you lived closer I would totally go for the doula-ing! I'm not usually such a pushover, but (as one of my doctors said) I think I have white-coat anxiety. lol.

  4. I am so glad this one went better! I'm rooting for you to go into labor naturally, and I'm glad the doctors (well, most of them) are behind you on that.

    1. Thankfully I only have about… 4… or 5… appointments left. So I can probably make it so I only see Dr. Grump one more time. lol.

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