Blog Buddy Appreciation Day

I’ve never been one to have girl friends.

For the majority of my life I can look back and see really great guy friends, with the sporadic girl friend thrown in. I didn’t really hang out with girls until I got to college… to be honest. And even then I was probably friends with more guys than girls.

Now that I’m living in Virginia, I do know a lot of other women. Most of them are from church, and most of them are my Mom’s friends first. Which is fine – my Mama is a pretty fun person – but I’ve yet to find people I can just call up and hang out with. Or some one who wants to drag their butt to the gym with me at o’dark:30 in the morning.

Yesterday I said to my husband “My blog friends are like my real friends but online… look! Girl friends!” He just laughed at me.

This whole pregnancy has been rather laid back. Sure, there is plenty of drama and whining (I’m a girl, I’m allowed!) but I was really struck yesterday as I read your comments on my most recent blog.

I don’t have the real life support group that I wish I did. I have people in real life who love and support me. But I love my online support group as well. You all are the women in my life that I turn to when I need guidance, ideas, support, and encouragement – and you are all doing a mighty fine job!

So thank you.

I know I have been a lousy commenter myself. And I apologize for that. Know that as soon as I am done with this teaching job (19 more days!!! of which only 12 are school days!), I will be back to reading and commenting and being a part of your support group too.


Continue the fun!

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    1. I think you could leave a link to your LJ instead of your other blog if you wanted to. 🙂 I had never thought of the distinction between journaling and blogging before! lol.

    1. It's been especially nice since we recently moved, and I haven't had much luck finding people that B-man and I really mesh with.

  1. Things have been crazy around here too and I hate it! I only suspect that they will get worse before they get better..But anyways..

    Men don't understand..Though I think I talk about you and some other bloggers so much he knows you by name and even asks about my blog friends on occasion..isn't that funny!?

    1. I'm counting down the days until I can just relax, and not have to deal with teenagers any more. I don't know what I was thinking! lol.

      I have several friends that I only know online, and when I say "so-and-so is having a baby" he'll go "who?" and then I have to say "Ya know… the girl… with the blog… that I told you xyz about." Usually it's just easier to say "A friend" and since he doesn't know my friends from work I think he assumes that is who I'm talking about. 🙂

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