I will be the first to admit that lately, I’ve been kind of a bad blogger. Moody, grumpy, spastic, and a tad bit crazy. Oh well, I’m feeling much better now.
A week ago B-man and I took our first trip to the American Aldi but I was sorely disappointed. We purchased a bag of pasta, and a waffle maker. It was cheap. Why not? So on Saturday I decided to make waffles. The wells are really small, so the waffles turned out a bit… weird, and the recipe had no sugar in it, and it was kind of bland. But it looked good. Maybe I’m just a sucker for warm breakfast foods. I love the steam in the picture though!
Or at least, Zuko thought it looked good!
Oh well, the recipe was VERY close to the Ebelskiver recipe, but just not as good.
Another recent food adventure involved making pizza. But this was fast pizza. At our local grocery store they make tons of different kinds of breads, and recently I had bought some Naan, but we had not eaten it yet, and I was worried it would start molding soon… so I made Bar-B-Q chicken pizza. It was…. in a word… delicious.

I think that is all I have for tonight. This week is going to be crazy, what with all of my homework, a bake sale, and a few other activities. Then I’m planning on driving out to Nashville for the weekend. We will be leaving the puppies home for the weekend. We’ve hired a pet sitter, but I’m still kind of nervous. I would feel better if some one I knew was looking after them, but with two dogs I feel bad asking any one! They can be a handful sometimes. After this week, and weekend are over… I’ll be a hop, skip, and jump away from GRADUATING!!!!

And now I will stop playing with my food.

Continue the fun!

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  1. know that bill and I are just down the road from you, right? We know how to look after doggies!!! We wouldn't mind watching them for you, for future reference!! 🙂

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