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I don’t know if that name is appropriate yet… since we haven’t gotten to the birthing part yet, but I can say that despite all of my research – I am enjoying these classes. Many people looked at me like I was crazy when I said we had signed up for these classes. Perhaps some people don’t find them useful, but what I have found most useful from these classes is not the information about birth, but the information about the hospital.

I chose my OBGYN based on which hospital I wanted to deliver in. At that point, I did not know very much about the hospital, but I knew that it was only 2 miles from my house, it is only 2 years old, and the hospital is one of the top rated in the area by patients (with reference to how they felt they were treated there). Because it is new, and not in a highly populated area, it has a lot of advantages over other area hospitals.

When I first found out that I was pregnant, I really liked the idea of a home birth. I have severe anxiety in relation to medical facilities and doctors. The idea of being able to stay home and be where I am comfortable is very enticing to me. But I am also a worry wart. I was aware that being over-weight would probably influence my pregnancy. We also have very good insurance that covers the majority of a hospital birth, but none of a home-birth. For all of those reason, we went with the hospital.

So I spent many months preparing myself to argue with the hospital staff about episiotomies and having to give birth while laying on my back.

Imagine my surprised when the classes that the hospital offers are based strongly on the lamaze technique. When they said that you can give birth in a multitude of positions, and that they have a bar that connects to the bed is you want to give birth kneeling. I’m also allowed to wear (essentially) what ever I want to. It have to be practical, but it doesn’t have to be a hospital gown. Sounds cool to me!

The only bummer I’ve run into is that they don’t let you drink water, you have to eat ice chips. I can see this being a problem for me because of my sensitive teeth – which may lead to being required to get an IV so that I can stay hydrated, but I’ll fight that battle when it comes.

We’ve talked about a variety of things. Some of them more medical than others. For example, last week the teacher showed the husbands (it is just us and one other couple, so the environment is pretty laid back and cozy) how to give their wives massages to relieve tension in the hands, arms, neck, and headaches.

We’ve talked about eating healthy, which I didn’t find very useful since I’m already on a well controlled diet. In the first class we tried different techniques for removing the tension cause by my ever expanding uterus. They involved a sheet, and leaning different directions while the hubs held onto the sheet. I didn’t find any of them helpful. Too much stress on on my hips and knees. But that’s okay, because I’m not in too much pain right now. lol. Maybe they will be more useful later on.

We’ve talked about trusting your body to be capable of giving birth, and about the warning signs of complications, and the types of things that happen leading up to birth.

I don’t know what the next class will hold, but the last class involves a tour of the hospital. I’m looking forward to that part. 🙂

So, if you’ve had a baby, did you take a birthing class? With only the first child, or with all of them? If you haven’t had kids, do you think you’ll take some kind of class?

Continue the fun!

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  1. We took the hospital class with our first baby, but have read (and reread) a book about the Bradley method of childbirth with all three. We used a different hospital for the second two kids, but I just asked a few questions at my pre-admission appointment.

    As for the water, if you promise only to sip (big drinks might make you puke), I'll tell you a secret…the nurses leave the room. There is water in the tap in your room. Your husband can put water in your ice. Shhhh. 🙂 Of course I wouldn't know anything about sneaking water when I was thirsty and had been on only ice chips for hours and hours… Or maybe I did do that. ; )

    1. I kind of figured I would be able to drink water, because the teacher said the nurses only monitor you for 15/60 minutes. She also said she thinks the ice only rule is stupid because the last time there was an incident of some one drinking and them throwing up during surgery was like… 30 years ago. I'll just play it by ear. I am allowed to bring my own Popsicles though… which means I'll get some good ones. 🙂

  2. The no-eating no-drinking thing has always seemed so stupid to me. So what if you throw up? Yes you could get dehydrated, but still, it seems that your body is doing all sorts of things at that time, so why not add throwing up to the mix?

    I'm only sort of joking!

    1. It's not the throwing up that is a problem, but throwing up while sedated. If you have to have an emergency c-section and they use general anesthesia, and then throw-up… I guess you could choke and die. But like I said, that case of that exact situation happening was almost 40 years ago (and not all hospitals are ice-chip only). Meh.

  3. Yes. If the duggar family did it with each and everyone of their children (and I consider her the birthing expert) then I will too. You are in no way crazy for taking classes.

  4. This is really interesting to read! In some ways, it seems like there is so much to learn in the relatively short period of time between conception and birth. I feel like I'm going to be overwhelmed. But, seeing you tackle all of these things gives me so much more confidence!

    1. Start reading up now! I am going to post about the books I've read, and the ones I found most useful, soon… 🙂

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