Today B-man and I were driving to the grocery store and he said “When the baby is born I think we should take turns getting up and taking care of her.”

And while I definitely appreciate the sentiment and the though, my response was:

“Cool, are your boobs going to start working then?”

It’s not really practical for him to have to get up, if I’m the only one who can feed the baby. Mind… if breastfeeding doesn’t work out then I will be all over splitting those nightly feedings.

I’m so thankful for such a thoughtful sweet husband, even if he forgets that his man-boobs don’t make milk.

Happy Mother’s Day to all those Mama’s out there! Keep on keepin’ on!

Continue the fun!

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  1. We don't split getting up since I am breastfeeding. However, this might have been a mistake because it means I'm tired all the time. Also, then my husband isn't as motivated to keep to a bedtime routine etc. since it doesn't affect him.

    If your husband wants to, maybe you should take him up on the offer (esp. if you are going to still be working: I can't imagine doing all the night duty if I was working as well) and make him get up at 2 so that you can have more than 3 hours of sleep in a row. You should get a breast pump anyway (as otherwise you won't be able to leave your baby for more than a few hours for the next year). I love my Medela!

  2. At least when he's off the next day, let him get up and bring the baby to you or take the baby back to bed some. It helps–plus those first weeks every night time feeding probably requires a diaper change too–it can get you an extra 15 minutes of sleep if that diaper was a blow out and requires a wardrobe and sheet change. I nursed laying down too, so that meant I never had to get up if he got up!

  3. I know a couple where the husband would always be the one to go get the baby and bring it in to his wife and then she would breastfeed. That way she didn't have to do it all!

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