At the beginning of this pregnancy my doctor told me to try and walk 30 minutes every day.

I wasn’t very good at the every day part, but when I was feeling up to it, I would walk down to the mail box, around the neighborhood a bit, and back (a little over a mile).

Now with this pleasant new label (GD) it is even more important that I get to walking. Of course… now it’s also very uncomfortable and the last thing I want to do is go walk around when it is warm outside.

So recently… we have taken to walking around target. We don’t drive to Target to go walking, but if we are out and about we will go and get my 30 minute walk in. But… when I’m at target the walk is usually a little longer… some times over an hour! lol. Yah for A/C!

Of course, we have to be careful because these walks can be expensive. Like last night when I informed my husband that I had been using the same razor blade for 4 months, and he said I should get some new ones (not like he had noticed or anything… I’m not a particularly hairy person), but then on top of my $10 razor blades he realized he was also out. Of course… his were a lot more expensive. Like… a LOT more expensive. His were $25. Of course… I’ve bought them before, and I won’t complain because I like it when he isn’t scruffy all over, but this is just an example of how these walks seem to get more expensive. But… we would’ve bought these things any way, so it’s not too big of a deal.

Any way, I’m not a very good shopper… for myself. I will find something that I love, carry it around the store, and in that short amount of time I am able to convince myself that I really don’t need it and that if I come back and it is still here I will by what ever it is… next time.

Like that ever happens.

It’s a very good thing. But my husband knows when I pick something up and say “I think I neeeeed this!” it means that I really like it, I’m going to carry it around, and probably end up setting it down.

Okay. Back to our walk. First we hit up the home-goods section. I wanted to look at desks because I want to put a vanity in our room. We recently rearranged everything in there, so now there is a big empty corner that is being inhabited by my dirty clothes. lol. But I didn’t see anything I loved.

Next, we hit the baby section. First looking at all of the cribs, then up and down each aisle. We talked about car seats a little bit, and then on the next row I heard B-man say “I think you neeeeeeed this!” and when I looked he was point to this:


Which, for less than $3.00 is definitely something I needed… mostly because of the star! I don’t really have intentions of turning this blog into a “Mommy-blog” (Despite this being the second baby-oriented post this week), which is the vibe this cute bib gives off, but I couldn’t help it! Plus… B-man said I needed it! Haha.


I am sincerely worried about becoming one of those bloggers that only posts pictures of their kid, and obviously my life is going to change a lot after the baby is born, but hopefully I’ll stay interesting. lol. I want to be a Mom with a blog, but not a Mommy-blogger. It seems like such a fine line, between being a Mom who write a blog, and being a Mom who write a blog about her baby (which I guess it the difference in my opinion).

Do you read “Mommy-blogs” (MB)? Would you consider yourself a MBer?

Continue the fun!

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  1. Hmmm…a good chunk of what I write is about my kiddos. They are who I spend almost all of my time with and motherhood/home schooling is my profession. There isn't always a lot of other stuff going on! So maybe I'm a mommy blogger, but then again I do cover topics unrelated to them.

    I guess if you choose to write about yourself by extension you kids tend to come along as a mother of any kind (working, WAHM, SAHM, etc.). Even if you never mention potty training, your world is colored by your perspective as mommy. And then as a SAHM it often seems that your whole world is wrapped up in diapers, feeding issues, and what new skill or funny thing the munchkin said–because it is your family and job all rolled into one!

    I hope you find the balance you want…whatever that is!

    1. I am sure I will write about being a Mom, but I guess there is no standard definition for "Mommy Blogger" so you and I might have very different ideas of what that means. I have found several blogs (of my real life friends) and most of their posts are either writing about the baby, or 20 almost identical pictures of the baby/kid, or people who think that their children are absolutely perfect. It seems like these type of posts/blogs should be more aimed at sharing with family.

      I guess what I mean is I don't want to become a lazy blogger (because to be honest, people with pets do the above too sometimes. lol). You recently wrote about that study to do with how breastfeeding is perceived, which while related to motherhood, was not only about your kids. I think that being able to branch out, and still write about your feelings and opinions is what keeps you away from the monotony. In my mind you would be an awesome Mom with a blog, and not a repetitive mommy-blogger. 😉

  2. I read plenty of "moms with blogs" – OMGMom, ThatWife, etc – but I'm not big on just mom blogs. I think that it's fine to have completely baby-centric posts, but then still talk about the other parts of your life. That might mean that in the beginning, there's not much else going on in your life, but I think that's okay. I also think that it helps just to talk about things relating to YOU – how you're coping with your post-pregnancy body, how you're making time for your husband, etc. That's more relatable, to me, that every single post being like "my kid smiled! my kid rolled over! my kid gurgled!" you know?

    1. I guess I just worry about people getting bored with all of this baby stuff… perhaps because I some times get bored thinking about it. lol.

  3. I actually read a lot of Mommy-blogs, and I'm not even planning on having children at all right now (don't hold me to that or anything…). But I am kind of weird that way. In fact, I kind of think of it as research. LOL

    And don't even GET ME STARTED on the cost of razorblades. I mean, really. It is ridic. Also, men's razorblades work better.

    1. Yah… we were going to wait a few years to have kids… but we'll only have been married 2 years when the babe is born!

      I kind of figured that guy razors work better, but I also try to go as long as possible between shaving (my legs, underarms are a different story). That would be why my 5 month old razor blade is still doing a semi-decent job at de-hairifying my legs. lol.

  4. Is it wrong that I want to try and order that bib so one future baby can wear it? haha. I only read a few "mom blogs," but I'm sure that when I'm pregnant my reader will be filled with them. I also assume my blog will become more mom focused. I think its only natural – I want to write about things that are relevant to me, just like I want to read about things that I'm interested in. The mom blogs I read (like you!), I read because I'm interested in the writer and their life 🙂

    1. It was only $3 at Target! I tried to find it on their website, but no such luck. 🙁

      I guess I'm just hoping that I can still enjoy writing about other things, and not just my kiddo. Surprisingly, I haven't started following any other Mom blogs (aside from the ones I read before being pregnant), but I think I'm kind of a weird pregnant lady (I'm not a very excitable person). Strangers often show more enthusiasm for my pregnancy than I do. lol.

  5. I agree, some blogs get so wrapped up in their children it becomes boreing… like i already live this every day, i dont want to read about YOU living it too. I also cant stand when people use creative nicknames for their kids on there blog like we all know their kids personally and know who, "superhero" "smart-one" and "cuteface" are. I think it will be hard to NOT talk about your newborn! thats what your world will revolve around.

    My husband buys those expensive blades too !!! arg it used to make me so mad… so i got the same razor as him and just use his old blades, cause seriously he uses them twice and is done with it, i cant even tell the difference between the new ones and old ones

    1. I think it's the blogs that have 20 pictures of the baby doing almost the exactly same thing, and the author doesn't really do any writing other than "look at how cute he/she is!!!" lol. I guess I don't have any patience.

      That is a good idea with the razors, but I think my hubs uses them until they are dead, because we don't buy razors very often. 🙂

  6. Man…I am the same way with shopping. My husband is a sweetie, and whatever I say I want he says "oh you should get it." Which of course he thinks cause he wants me to have whatever I want. Unfortunately we can't afford whatever I want! I'm not the same with him…whatever he buys I question him on!

    1. We are exactly the same then! I am constantly asking my husband about his spending habits, but I think it is because I am more on top of our financial situation than he is. 🙂

  7. I talk myself out of purchases all the time! So I feel you.

    Love the bib!

    And I second not becoming a Mommy blogger. I get so annoyed when the blogs I read were so interesting and dynamic and when the woman had a baby, it was all about their baby's drool, diaper covers, and strollers. Super annoying.

    1. I'm just gonna keep it real. Thankfully, having my husband work from home will afford me a little more time than Moms who's husbands have to go back to work shortly after the baby is born. 🙂

  8. I think you can be a mother blogging without becoming a Children's blog.

    I like how Anni presented it. As long as you share your perspective, just like you are doing with your pregnancy you'll be fine.

    I think of a great example as being That Wife, she is a mother but her blog isn't child-centric. Or I read this runner's blog. She's a mom, and she mentions things about her kids sometimes but she remains focused on running.

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