Dragons and Skating

So yesterday, after all of my cultural events, B-man and I went out for a few social activities. First we went to the movies.
B-man had never seen old city Knoxville, so it was a nice little walk. We met up with a friend of mine from UT, and a bunch of his friends to see the movie “How to Train Your Dragon.” It was so cute and funny, I would highly recommend it.
Then it was time to drive to north Knoxville, where my friend Jamie was having a birthday party! To celebrate, Jamie invited people out to “Skatetown” so do a bit of roller skating, or roller blading. We went with the first choice.
I’ve done plenty of activities where you strip things to your feet and go. Roller skating, roller blading, ice skating, skiing, and snowboarding. So, I tied on the skates and got to orienting myself (it had been a while since I’d used roller skates, but the idea’s pretty much the same as skiing.).
B-man on the other hand, tied on his skates, then hugged the wall. I was torn between roller skating, and walking on wheels with my darling husband. I alternated.
Then, all of a sudden, these kids came out of nowhere!
There was one… then two…
Then he amassed this group of kids. His personal tutor being the girl right behind him. She said cute things like:
“You’ll never learn to skate if you’re hanging onto that wall!”

“Take the training wheels off, and get out here!”
Too cute.
Then this group really had big plans for him. Especially the girl on the right. After getting him off the wall she says “now let’s pick up the speed!”

The evening was fun, and entertaining… until I fell while waiting on B-man, and I felt the pain shoot from my buttocks, all the way up to my neck. Then I decided it was time to stop. Funny enough, as we’re sitting taking our skates off, B-man says:

“I think I want to learn how to skate…”

Hmm… we’ll see how that works out.
Continue the fun!

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  1. AWWW!! too cute to see the kids helping Brandan!!! I've fallen quite a few times while skating, so I KNOW your pain!!! Looks like you guys had a really fun night!

  2. Lol…I love that they helped him skate. Too cute! Oh honey, I figure skated for 11yr so I know your pain all too well! Looks like ya'll had a blast!!

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