Brain Dump

I have plans to write about GD. I really do. But I want to take some pictures first… and I am currently in a love-hate relationship with my new camera, so the pictures will have to wait.

Yesterday was my last day working an interpreting job that I’ve been on for several months. I really feel like I grew a lot and gained some much needed self-confidence during the process. I also realized that I really enjoy working in the college setting. I always thought my calling would be in high school or middle school, but after my internship and working this year, I definitely enjoyed all of the college level assignments a lot more than the HS ones.

On Monday I start my job at a local High School filling in for the ASL teacher. Can I admit that I’m scared? Because I’m a little scared. Even if I’m not showing on the outside… my brain knows I’m scared because I had a nightmare last night about being late and then being fired. lol.

Me… a worrier? How silly!

Last night we finished unpacking our house. You can pretend like you don’t know that we moved in at the end of December. The last room to be finished was our bedroom. I don’t know why it took so long, but it did. Thankfully we got rid of the last three boxes yesterday and I can now comfortably say we are moved in. Except for the boxes of stuff we are taking to Goodwill. Those boxes are still in my apartment, but they are not waiting to be unpacked. lol.

I need to take Zuko to get his nails trimmed. It costs like $15, but I am such a wimp. I worry about hurting him and his nails really are getting too long, so it is time. Some things are better left to the professionals… or at least to the people who do those things every day.

Happy Friday!

Continue the fun!

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  1. I work in a low economic at-risk high school as a mental health and substance abuse counselor and love it! Though I do like the college setting a lot. I think you'll do great. Is it an all deaf school or are you there to teach students ASL?

    1. It is a regular high school, and I'll be subbing the ASL classes. Your job sounds awesome! I'm sure it can be challenging, but I'd bet it is fulfilling.

  2. 1. I like your profile pic. Pretty. 2. I'm sure you'll do great at your new job! It's understandable that you're nervous. Once you get there and start doing it, and I'm sure you'll be fine. It sounds fun!

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