Thursday was a rough day.

I’m a cry-er. Despite being able to handle stressful situations that involve other people… when I am by myself I tend to cry over the smallest things. Especially car problems. For some reason cars just make me cry. And then, if anything else happens at the same time as a car problem, I’m liable to fall to the ground a defeated fit of wails and moans. It’s a beautiful sight, that’s probably why my husband married me. For my beautiful crying habits.

Any way, Thursday was rough. Typically B-man goes IN to work on Wednesdays, but for some reason he had to go in to work on Thursday, instead of Wednesday, so we would both be out of the house. What are the odds. Any way, the poor puppies would be home for 7 hours by themselves, with Zuko in his crate, and Gretel in a room. I feel so bad leaving them like that all night, and then almost all day.

I was driving home from work, catching up with my Mom on the speaker-phone, when a rock hit my windshield. And left a nice ding in it. Boo.

I was driving the Civic. We don’t carry comprehensive insurance on it because the car is worth less than $2000, so if something worth fixing happened to it, then we would be better off spending that money on a new car any way! But my Mom suggested calling to find out if there was anything the insurance could do, I guess sometimes the glass is covered in a seperate portion (like adding roadside assistence).

The guy I spoke to at the insurance company said there was nothing they could do for me. I moaned a tearful “thanks, have a nice day.” I always feel bad when I cry on the phone with perfect strangers, because really… it’s not their fault. It’s even worse when I’m talking to a guy… because guys can’t handle things like that!

Any way, I called around to a couple of places and found a place just down the road the will fix the crack for $75 at my place, or $55 if I take it to the shop. Since it is so close I’m just going to take it there. Yah! I can handle $55.

Before I could sort all of this car stuff out though… I had to walk into my apartment, and on the front door was a note that said something along the lines of “We entered your apartment to do a random inspection and you need to replace your blinds by April 8th, or we will replace them and charge you for it.”

Now I will have you know that on the move in inspection sheet I wrote “living room blinds: dirty, multiple cracks in blinds.” and so I marched on down to the leasing office. They were closed, so naturally I banged on the door. I showed them my copy of the move-in inspection and handed her the note.

“I wrote down, when we first moved in, that these blinds we broken.”

She said they would be replaced, and we didn’t have to pay for them.

Which is good. Because I was some where between bawling and ripping some one’s head off.


But everything is okay. Window will be fixed in the morning, I don’t have to pay for the blinds, AND I got a package in the mail.

I ordered Eclipse on Blu-ray.

It was only $16. I couldn’t help myself.

Things I accomplished on Thursday:

  • work. 6 hours of it.
  • appointment for fixing windshield.
  • not paying for my blinds.
  • 1 load of laundry.
  • made the bed.
  • hung up clean clothes.
  • showered. (I did this before work).
  • cried twice.
  • some grocery shopping. B-man finished off the milk before I was awake so I had goldfish for breakfast.


Continue the fun!

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