confession # 1

I have a long list of confessions. Things about myself that most people probably wouldn’t guess. Nothing too life shattering, but I thought it might be good to record some of my own quirks.

Confessions # 1

I wouldn’t go on a vacation if I couldn’t access the internet and my cell phone.

The one exception to this would be if it is only for one night, or if it involves camping. If it is over night – I can go two days with out the internet. I would still want to have cell phone service in case of emergencies, but I would be happy to leave it in the car.

But, if I am staying in a hotel, or… any where other than a tent, I would really really like to have internet. It’s kind of like my life line to the rest of the world.

You are five times more likely to get a response from me if the contact is done in written form (e-mail or text message) than if it is a phone call or voicemail. Luckily… my voice mail is now put into text, and then texted to me. It’s a beautiful thing.

(Though… some times I leave my phone at home just so that people can’t reach me.)

The End

So tell me, how addicted are you to the inter-webs? Are you happy to ditch the phone and computer for several days? What would it take to convince you a vacation is worth taking, if you knew there would be no internet or cell phones?

Continue the fun!

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  1. Heheh glad to hear I'm not the only family member with a web addiction! šŸ˜€

    I prefer to be connected most of the time, although I can go without and sometimes just need to. But 2 days is really my max, otherwise I get too far behind with all the stuff I have going and then I stress out about catching up.

    I would like to have fewer irons in the fire and be able to have a tech-free weekend at least once a month! Once my stint with the HOA is up, that might be possible.

    1. I don't actually DO anything on the web… I just need to know that I have access to it. Lol. Now that we have "smart" phones it's not that big of a deal, since I can check my e-mail any time!

  2. I don't mind being without the internet. I would actually LOVE being without my phone. I hate that people can just get in touch with me. I hate the entitlement they feel because they know my phone is with me. Just because I HAVE the phone, and just because I might have time to answer it, doesn't mean I want to. Sometimes I can fly into a rage just hearing my phone ring.

    Wow, that really makes me sound like a nutjob =P

    1. I agree. Sometimes being phone-less is so liberating! I rarely answer my phone – not on purpose, but because it is usually on silent. I can't answer my phone when I'm working, but I do get the chance to check text messages, which is why it's so awesome to have my voicemail texted to me!

    1. I use google voice. You can connect your regular number to the account, and then it is one of the options. Some times they are hand to understand, because voice recognition isn't perfect, but then I can play the "what do you think this means?" game. I like having it e-mailed to me though because if I can't read it there is a link to just listen to the message online.

    1. I guess, if you're busy or being entertained – then there is no need for internet, but if you're sitting in a boring hotel room it is a must! Especially if I'm going to a wedding. Lol. There is usually a lot of down time, so it's nice to have a distraction.

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