i don’t know how it works.

Sometimes I can be a big ball of stress. The little things stress me out. Like when I’m running five minutes late. But I’m really good at handling the big things. You broke your arm? I’m the cool headed person that you want around.

This afternoon I left work to start my car… and realized that I had left my lights on for… six hours. My battery was so dead that the dead battery light didn’t even come on. But I felt so calm as I waited for my mom to come give me a jump start.

I’ve always been good at handling the big things though. It’s a blessing, and a curse. A blessing because when the big things happen, I can deal and move on – usually I end up pulling other people through it with me. But it is a curse because the little things happen more often than the big things… so I’m stressed more often than not. lol.

Continue the fun!

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