Happy Weekend

We’re dog sitting for my husband’s brother right now. So we have three dogs in the house. You can’t really tell the difference though. I guess that’s good!

I finally got my present together for the party I’m going to tonight. I had bought a sexy little lace panty and bra set – only to realize the bra had been hung on the wrong hanger (after I got home of course), so I had to take it back. They didn’t have the right size… so I got a see-through nighty to go with the lacy panties instead. Tee-hee. It is a “bridal shower” but I asked the bride if she wanted something off of her registry, or something more “fun” (wink, wink, nudge nudge) and she said the later would be good. I like to get people something that they wouldn’t want to buy for themselves, but if some one gave it to them – they would use it. So I got her sexy little lace things… and the “yours & mine” personal lubricants (hahahaha…). I actually bought that one for myself, and it is pretty fun. It’s not as earth shattering as the commercials make it out to be – but still pretty intense.

I’m talking about sex, in public. HA.


So now I’m just chilling, and waiting. The party is almost two hours away, so I need to leave in about an hour. I’m not looking forward to the drive – but I am trying to force myself to get out and about.

I looked up the cost difference between driving my honda civic, and driving my Jeep Grand Cherokee. Check out these numbers:


I find them pretty incredible, and rather scary. Incredible that my little car can make the trip in half the amount of gas, with less than half the cost, and less than half of the waste! The little car is not nearly as comfortable, but definitely worth it on my conscious. There is no air conditioning, it is a manual/stick shift, and the clutch is going to go out soon. That’s the scary part. I would hate to be 70 miles from home and have the clutch go out. That is the one thing that is making me consider taking the jeep. It’s fine when I’m going to be less than 20 miles away from home, in a familiar area, during the day. My husband or my parents can come and help me out – but if something goes wrong when I am that far away from home… it will be a gigantic pain in the rear end. Plus it is going to be at night, I’m going to be by myself, and I really hate driving in the dark.

I haven’t decided yet – but I will probably end up taking the civic. It’s my baby.

Maybe with out tax return I’ll preemptively get the clutch replaced so that I can stop worrying.

Continue the fun!

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  1. Wow, that is really cool to see that comparison between the Jeep and the Honda. Where did you get that info from?? I have a hugely long commute and right now I drive a Civic (yay Civic!), but we're considering getting some kind of smaller SUV-like vehicle because there are days in the winter when I have to contend with snowy roads, too.

    1. I used this website:


      It has the average MPG for city/hwy for each car – and I was able to put my exact mileage in because I keep track of it. The Jeep's mileage is comparable to pretty much of the other SUVs its size.

      My honda gets such great gas mileage because not only is it a small car, but it is a manual transmition (which does make a big difference) and because I am a very judicious driver. We got the Jeep for the weather problems, but also because we have two dogs, and a baby on the way. We just needed the extra space.

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