appointment # 5: pre-glucose-testing

I had my “24 week” appointment (I’m only 23 weeks right now though). I’m not far enough along to do a true fasting glucose test, but because of my weight we are doing the test (sans fasting) early, just to see if we need to start some sort of treatment earlier than usual.

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about doing a glucose test. If you aren’t familiar with the process, you have to drink about 10 ounces of a fruity flavored sugary drink, and then wait an hour, and then they take blood.

I had a choice between a fruit punch flavor, and an orange flavor. I told the nurse to surprise me, and I ended up with orange. It really wasn’t sweeter than drinking a Fanta. Perhaps because it was cold, it was easier to drink. You have to put it all down in less than 3 minutes. That was the only challenging part. I hadn’t eaten before – so I was worried the drink might make me sick, but it didn’t.

I drank the juice at the beginning of my appointment, then had the appointment, set-up the next appointment, and peed in a cup. Then I waited out in the waiting room for 20 minutes (waiting for the hour to be up).

It is notoriously difficult to get blood from me. My veins are very deep, and often the nurses will poke around on both arms with their fingers, back and forth, then they will find a vein… but by the time they have the gloves and needle and everything ready… they can’t find the vein again. I don’t think that every one had this problem, but the blood drawing was the most painful part because of all the poking, and how deep the needle had to go to get the blood. My arm is still a little sore. 🙁

So, glucose test = not the worst thing ever. The drink did start to leave a strange after taste about half way through… but brussel sprouts still taste worse.


My blood pressure was up a little it, compared to my usual, but I think it was because I was worried that the drink would make me throw-up. The doctor wasn’t worried. She said if I wasn’t pregnant that it would technically be elevated, but because I am pregnant, the slight elevation is nothing to worry about yet.


For the first time in my life – I was happy to see that I gained some weight. Last time the doctor told me that if I didn’t start gaining weight, then she would need to refer me to a nutritionist. I’ve gained 4 pounds, so no nutritionist for me! Yippee!


I am now awaiting the results of my glucose test. If the test comes back and everything is fine, then I will have to repeat the test again. If it comes back and says I have diabetes, then well… I don’t know what will happen… but I probably won’t have to take the test again. lol. Maybe next time (if that comes) I will try the fruit punch flavor so I can offer a review and suggest which flavor is best. 🙂

Continue the fun!

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  1. Hoping for the best regarding your glucose test! All that talk of trying to find veins has made my arms hurt in sympathy – but I'm a wuss 😉

    1. Thankfully she only had to prick me once. The first time I had blood drawn (in high school) the nurse actually had to try several times. 🙁

    1. I know – they aren't really so bad. I was trying to think of something that most people don't like. lol. I'll have to try them with bacon and onions some time! Thanks for the idea!

  2. That glucose stuff sounds interesting… one of those things I've heard soo many people talk about, I'm actually excited to try it for myself.

    I hope all the results turn out in your favor!

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