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I have been rather busy with work and trying to spend more quality time with my husband. Since he is home… all the time… we spend a lot of time in the same room, but I noticed that we weren’t really doing things together as much as we were doing our own things in the same place.

Work today was average. I enjoy working with my partner – she really is a blessing in my life. I’m going to her bridal shower this weekend. It’s kind of exciting. I have this problem, where I complain about my lack of friends… with out considering all of the people I know. I don’t have the “perfect” friend that lives super close and loves to hang out all the time, but I do have really great people in my life.

I think it is funny that it is perfectly acceptable for girls to buy underwear for other girls. 🙂

When you go to a bachelorette/bridal party… do you bring a fun gift, or a tame gift?

Continue the fun!

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  1. I feel the exact same way about friends here. I have a lot of people I know and like, but definitely not a best friend. Besides Hubs.

    Bridal shower – tame, bachelorette – haven't ever gotten a gift for, but probably lingerie.

    1. I like to give gals pregnancy tests and other fun stuff people don't want to buy for themselves. 😀 Always a good laugh… of course… it depends on the person I'm giving it to.

  2. I've never gotten a "fun" gift for a bridal shower – usually there are moms, aunts, grandmothers there so I try to stay away from those kinds of things. But for the bachelorette? It's all good. I wonder if this is a regional thing though, because my friend's mother in law, who hasn't been in the area a long time, bought her some lingerie for the bridal shower and we were all kind of scandalized – it was classy lingerie, but the area I live in is really conservative in terms of talking about things openly in large groups. Obviously a married couple will have sex, but we don't need to talk about it with our moms around! When it's just the girls it's totally different but it's also usually a smaller group. I think the most important thing with gifts is just always to know the person you're giving to and if she'll like it then that's what matters, right?

  3. It really depends on the bride it's for. If I know them well and know they won't be embarrassed I do give them something for their honeymoon some classier lingerie for the bachelorette party. And for the bridal shower… I love to give them cooking stuff since I love cooking myself and like to give them usefully items that I know they can use.

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