TIL what is feels like to be pregnant.

TIL… means Today I Learned. It’s a reddit thing. I poke around on reddit when I have nothing better to do.

This morning… around 6 am I woke up to my husband’s alarm. I told him to go back to bed until 8. We had a late night. I had kept him up talking about how much I miss Tennessee and miss having friends and that I want to move some where new because I don’t like living here. It’s a bit more complicated than that, but in general – I’m a runner. When things aren’t working out the way I think they should be, I usually try to avoid the place. I’ve moved more than 20 times in my life, so you could say that moving is the only thing that is familiar to me.

Needless to say it was a late night. So when the alarm went off I didn’t kick him out of bed like I usually do. Working from home definitely has its benefits.

Unfortunately – at that point I was awake. I had bad heartburn. So I went to the bathroom, took my usual medicine, and tried to sleep some more. This plan didn’t work out. I decided to read some more of the book I have been reading (I’m going to share more about that some other day). About 30 minutes later, when the medicine should’ve been working, I was still feeling crappy. So I got up, walked down the hall, into the other bathroom, and pulled out my mint flavored, wal*mart brand tums. I like the mint flavor. When I’m feeling yucky the last thing I want in my mouth in something fruit flavored.

I went into the bathroom, took the tums, and less than 10 seconds later I was puking! Yippee! Strange, since I threw up yesterday too. And ya know… since I’m well into my second trimester. Apparently the Greek salad that I stole from my husband last night was not tolerated well by my tummy. Crossing that one off the list.

After getting re-acquainted with the toilet (and making a mental not to clean it when I’m not feeling puky), I still couldn’t sleep, so I sat up in bed and finished off the book I was reading. The baby girl has been kicking a lot, and so I keep calling B-man and telling him to put his hand on my tummy… but then of course she stops.

Any one interested in a pictures of my arm?


I knew you would love it. The strange shadow is from my shadow. I don’t have two-toned arms. But I do have a circle and a band-aid on my arm. I have been meaning to get a TB test for this new job I am applying for. And I have been kind of putting it off. Considering the orientation is next Tuesday… and I need to turn the results in before then, I really did wait too long. I won’t get the results until Saturday. In my defense – I’ve been feeling crappy.

I am currently applying to be a substitute teacher with the local county schools. My sister is taking an ASL class, but her teacher is pregnant, and due before me. She was having a difficult time finding a suitable substitute, because it will be a “long term” position (two months max), so the person they find needs to know sign language. My sister gave her teacher my name, and through another series of random and very lucky events I am all ready to take on my second job! I guess I am amazed that I have yet to apply for a job… definitely not complaining. I guess I never really understood what it meant to be in a “high demand” field.


After the TB test (part 1) I drove to the post office where I complained a little bit. We are STILL recieving mail for people who no longer live in our apartment. And not just in our mailbox. The mail carier is actually driving through the complex, and walking up the stairs to deliver other peoples’ mail to us. I have filled out the “only deliver mail for these names” form…. twice. I have put our names on the mailbox and the front door. And I know for a fact that the last resident filled out a change of address form because his comfirmation came to my house and it said “If this is not your name, then don’t worry about it because it means the last person filled out a change of address card.” I’m a little bit annoyed because my mail box is no where near my apartment, so by the time I realize I have some one else’s mail, I have to go BACK to the post box. With the package I actually had to take it to the post office. It is just getting a little bit ridiculous.

On the way home my little girl was kicking my cervix.

Wanna know what that feels like? Let me tell you. Ya know when you go to the doctor for that annual PAP smear thingy and they poke your cervix with an extra long q-tip… and it is a bit uncomfortable? For some it probably falls past “uncomfortable” and into “slightly painful”.

It’s like that… but harder… and every 30 seconds.

But I couldn’t help laughing. I was driving home, and I was listening to some nice, relaxing piano music. And the bean kept kicking my cervix. (I guess it would be the equivalent of a guy getting kicked in the balls? lol). And this wasn’t just once every few seconds… it was constant. Over and over again. It was rather painful. Why now?! I’m trying to drive?! To help myself concentrate I turned the music down… and the kicking stopped almost immediately. I turned it back on… and she went at it again.

She was dancing.


No more of that. Music = off. (At least while I’m the one driving).



TIL something rather interesting about the genome project and the “evolution” of the penis. lol.


What have you learned today?

Continue the fun!

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  1. So glad to hear you've been able to get so much work. You're right- you're definitely in a high demand field. You worked hard to get there, enjoy being sought after and wooed on all sides 🙂

    Today I studied for my English teacher certification exam, so I re-learned all sorts of random info about British Literature. I'm taking a break now but about to get back to it. Thanks for letting me distract myself with your blog 🙂

    1. I've been thinking about taking the Praxis Exams. I took classes in college focused on these exams, because I was in the college of education… this teaching position is going to be like… a trial for me to find out if I really do enjoy teaching. 🙂

  2. I can relate to the missing friends thing and not always liking where you live. My husband grew up in the town we live in, but I grew up in a whole other state and have moved a million and one times. It's a fundamental difference between myself and the husband, and it really does affect the way we see the world (we're looking into buying a house right now so… yeah).

    Good luck with your new job! What an excellent thing to fall into!

    1. oh… buying a house. How I long to have some where that I don't mind hanging up pictures… but then I would feel rather stuck. But… maybe if I loved the house it would be okay, because it would be like a constant decorating project to keep me distracted. No?

  3. Just a note since you were in Europe earlier in your life. If you had the TB vaccine there, then your TB test would end up positive. This was the case for me when I had to do the medical test for the greencard and I ended up having to do a chest X-ray to prove that I was TB free.

    I learned that I can take a supervisor training course (even if I'm not one I'm interested in that option in the future).

    1. I have been vaccinated for TB (I looked at my records!) But I don't think I got a TB vaccine done in Europe – and if I did it would've been at the US clinic, so maybe it would've been different. If it comes back positive I'll keep that in mind though. Thanks. My vaccines were so long ago though, I don't know if they would have an influence any way. I'm hoping I won't need the x-ray, since I'm pregnant. They say it is "safe" if you use the apron, but that doesn't make me feel comfortable. lol.

      Are you going to take the course then?

      1. Yes I'm definitly going to take the course. I was excited when my manager approved it and even said he totally supports it and that it shows initiative and willingness to learn that I asked to take it.

        I don't know what they do in the US but I remember that it was a pain to explain to the Dr here why my result was the way it was (a vaccine inocculates you with the diseases so even if I had it as a kid is showed 20 years later). I even received a letter from the health department of our county telling me that I needed to take medication and what not. It freaked me out until I realized it was a precaution and trust me I yelled at the nurse for sending something like that without talking to me in person.

        But anyway, if you have your vaccination records with you, bring them to the test reading in case. Especially since you don't want X-rays right now.

        1. That's a good idea, to take my shot records. My pregnant brain wouldn't have thought of that! I did some research and it said in the US they don't typically consider the vaccine when reading results, which leads to over diagnosis of TB, where in Europe (this research was England particularly) they recorgnize the vaccine as having an influence on the test, so that tend to UNDER diagnose TB. I guess it is difficult to find a happy medium. I did read though, that the blood test for TB is not compromised by the vaccine. So if it comes back positive I will have my shot records and request a blood test before having an x-ray. Glad you mentioned it,but thankfully the shot location hasn't swollen at all, you can't even see it now. 🙂

          Good luck with the class! It always looks good to show that you are willing to learn more and do more. 🙂

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