Astro Weenie Tree

Over President’s Day Weekend we had a big B-man family get together. It’s nice being up in this area now because we don’t have to travel so far to see every one! Back in December my SIL and I were watching Conan’s new show, and we saw this little beauty (be prepared for awesome):

At that point I committed to bring it to the game weekend. So the week before I went to the craft store and the grocery store to buy all of the required bits and pieces.

The cone was about $8.00, which was a little more than I really wanted to pay, but anything for a laugh! In the background you can see pineapple chunks, baby carrots, little hotdogs, grapes, midget pickles, and olives. There is also cheese there. I ended up serving it with crackers instead of on the tree.

I covered the cone in foil, and then used peanut butter (as per the video’s directions) to “secure” it to the plate. I ended up sticking a chop stick in the top of the cone to make it easier to hold and pull off your desired food piece.

Ta-da! Before coming up with the chop-stick idea (I happen to own stainless steel chopsticks… so that worked out well, very astro-ish), I had tried putting carrots around the bottom, so keep the cone from shifting. That was less than successful, but made it so I didn’t have to continue trying to put the ridiculously hard carrots onto toothpicks. Don’t try. It’s annoying.

So would I do it again? Only if the party was at my house. And despite the name-sake… I wouldn’t put the little weenies on it. No one ate them, and I ended up throwing them away. (PS: Apparently colorful tothpicks are required)!

Continue the fun!

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  1. I thought it was awesome! I ate my share of pineapple and olives and the occasional weenie too! Thanks for bringing it!

    1. It did take a long time… almost 2 hours. Now I know why those stupid Edible Arrangements are so expensive!

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