Appointment # 4 – quick and dirty

I’m starting to feel like some of these appointments are a bit of a waste, but I should just be thankful I’m not high-risk.

On February 18, 2011 I had my fourth doctor appointment. I took my husband with me, because I was supposed to do an hour long glucose test and I didn’t want to be lonely. But because I was on 19 weeks (not 20) the doctor said we would do it at the next appointment.

So all that happened was peeing in a cup, recording my blood pressure, the baby’s heart rate, and I got to ask some of my questions. I did get some good answers, so that was useful.

  • I asked about episiotomies, laboring at home, and the policy regarding IVs. She quickly quamed my fears about episiotomies – they are not a part of standard procedure.
  • The doctor also said it would be fine for me to labor at home for as long as a I can. I feel comfortable with this because the hospital is only 3 miles away, and my doctor office is only 1 mile away. She told me that if I choose to stay at home I would need to call in to the office and have “check-ins” and that they would advise on when to go to the hospital.
  • The doctor also said that the IV situation will depend on the circumstances. It would be fine to have the kind that isn’t attached to a cart if every thing is going well, that way it is there if we need it, but not restrictive.

I also asked about birthing classes, but I wanted to get ya’ll’s opinions. Did you do a birthing class, or do you think you will when that time comes? What type did you do?

Continue the fun!

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  1. I think you'd do really well to take some sort of birthing class, just due to the fact you're doctor phobic (like me!) And the more information and experience you have going in, the calmer you'll be. Calm is good for both you and the bean. It'd be worth it, just to allay that portion of the fear. Plus, it would make B-man feel more a part of it and help him to help you when the baby does arrive and probably calm some of his worries about the whole process too. (Knowing him, he probably hasn't shared his own fears with you because he doesn't want to stress you out!)

    So in essence, I think it'd be excellent for all 3 of you!

  2. I took the standard hospital birthing class. A lot of it I knew, but it was nice to get the tour of the hospital and to hear their policies (which aren't always the same as your doctor). I read the Bradley book, "Husband Coached Childbirth." Took what I wanted to use and let the rest go.

  3. I would definitely recommend a birthing class. I took one through the hospital, and like Kristy said, it's good hear the hospital policies. It also eased my mind a lot about labor and the delivery and what to expect.

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