Self esteem boosts rock!

So I have been posting vlogs of me signing recently, and the response has been wonderful. It really makes me feel good to know that people enjoy watching them, as I was worried people would be like “I don’t want to take 3 minutes to ‘read’ you blog!”
Thank you.
The reason I started this blog (again) was because I needed to do something for myself. I was getting so stressed out about school and all of the craziness that was my life, and I just needed a creative outlet, a place to write down to awesome, and lame things in my life.
Now, for some picture evidence of that new TV!
Sizing up the competition!

Our old TV was not small, but it was time. Oh, if you know any one looking to buy a TV… let me know. It comes with the stand and… ummm… you can have the sound system too if you want!
I always think it’s going to be exciting opening new things, then I remember I’m doing it with B-man. It’s not that he’s not exciting… but… he doesn’t show any kind of excitement. So I’m jumping around behind the camera doing a happy dance, and he’s like “are you really going to take pictures of this???” So umm… this was the only picture I took of the set-up.
I snuck back in there today while he wasn’t looking and took a “finale” picture. Now, it’s not really final because now we need to find a place to put all of the dishes and things we were storing in that entertainment center! lol. Know any one selling a hutch? haha.
All in all, we’re just kind of growing up. We are so thankful to the people who donated to the newlywed cause, but one by one we are growing up, and buying new thing. Let me compare lists for you though:
My List
  1. Comfy couch
Yeah… I know, there’s really only one thing on my list. But that’s because I am pretty satisfied. Here’s another list though:
B-man’s list
  1. Component cables for the Wii
  2. upgrade our cable to HD
  3. Blueray player
  4. Comfy couch.
Now, he hasn’t explicitly said he wants a comfy couch, but I think it should be on his list.
Maybe we’ll return the TV…. and get a couch instead! lol.
ETA: I wanted to send a special thanks out to Kelsey, who respond to my ASL video, with her own video! AWESOME! I “wrote” back! Ok… I think four hyper-links is enough for one sentence!
Continue the fun!

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