Remember these?

When I was younger I thought Flintstone vitamins were practically candy. I always wanted the purple one. I have a thing for grape flavoring.

At my most recent appointment the doctor asked if I was taking my prenatal vitamins… and I lied. I don’t know why. I really don’t like them. They make me feel sick, no matter when I take them. And I can’t stand the DHA pills. They make me burp a lot, and burps taste like fish, which makes me want to throw up. So I have been rather lax with taking them. Of course I feel guilty – but I don’t enjoy feeling sick all of the time.

I read another blog where her doctor had recomended Flintstones vitamins… and I was curious. How could they be as good as a prenatal vitamin? How could they have enough folic acid? Why am I not taking them instead!? So I looked it up, and sure enough:

I’m still trying to figure out how the percentage values are valid for ages 4 – adult… but it is the same amount (mcg) of folic acid in prenatal, and all of the other vitamin levels are also comparable. But, unlike prenatals… which cost about $15 for 30 pills, these are about $8 for 60. You do the math.

I’ll admit… I’ve only eaten the purple ones, but at least they aren’t making me sick!


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  1. I have chewey prenatal vitamins that taste pretty good. I really is about shopping around and doing what's best for you and being sick isn't the best.

    1. I really can't stand fruit flavored gummies. Weird? Probably. But when I found out these had the same amounts of vitamins as the prenatal I was taking, and I had taken these as a kid with out a problem, I wanted to give them a try and see if they worked better. I guess it's because they are chewable, that makes then easier to digest? I might be making that up. lol.

    1. And that is my thought exactly. Especially when both are essentially the same… but one testes better and doesn't make me feel sick!

  2. I started out taking the Flintstone vitamins when I got prego. They soon made me gag like crazy so out those went and in with the generic target brand prenatals. I had to give up on the DHAs cause they made me SICK! the burping up of fishy taste was horrific and i couldnt take it anymore.

    I'd possibly try the gummies if the flintstone ones make you feel funny too.

    1. Yeah, the DHA fishy burps was WAY too much for me. I like the flinstones ones for now… I don't know that I could stand the texture of the gummies. But, if these become unbearable, I'll give 'em a try!

    1. I like the Flintstones, and then my Mom also had these Vitamin C chewables that really just tasted like candy. I tried looking for them (orange flavored, of course), but couldn't find them any where. 🙁

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