all is well.

It’s 5 pm. My husband has gotten in to the habit of leaving windows open, letting the gentle breeze waft in on us. I like it. Though the clouds have hidden the beautiful blue sky from us, it doesn’t matter. Just through the trees on the far horizon I see a hint of blue – that is enough. For now.

Gretel sits at my feet, she does it so that she can nap, and still know when I leave the room. But her body is too warm. As Zuko comes up and starts chewing on her, Gretel sneezes, sending Zuko into little growling fits.  Zuko gives up and starts ringing his potty bell. But he doesn’t need to go out. It really means “pay attention to me!”.  The crunching of food makes me turn – I see half of Gretel’s body crammed into Zuko’s little crate as she tries to steal his food. I guess she doesn’t like her own any more. Zuko wants to play tag. She would rather nap.

I too would rather nap. But it’s not in the cards for today. I need to do things like call the bank, go grocery shopping, and do some laundry. It seems weird that eight hours ago I was in the doctor’s office listening to my baby’s heartbeat. The sound of it’s little whooshing heart it the realest thing I have every experienced. Even the ultrasounds have not compared.

Most of my day was spend driving along country roads. B-man had another interview today. I think it went well. He seemed like he had really enjoyed meeting the people that work there. Perhaps he’s just been cooped up at home too long. It was nice to just drive and listen to his voice. Like when we were in college and we would drive to the state park to go camping. Some times I let him go far to in-depth into things I don’t really understand just so he’ll keep talking.

The day flew by, but it was a beautiful one. If some one asked me to write down my “ideal” day, I doubt I would’ve written about a day like today. It was busy, rushed, and some times stressful – but it was real. I felt the warm sun on my face through the sunroof as I drove with my sweet husband chatting away, and now I’m enjoying the soft winds that carry the end of winter away as my sweet husband types away behind me. I don’t think I could feel more thankful for anything right now.


I feel content. If I had to choose one emotion to feel for the rest of my life, I think this might be it.

Continue the fun!

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  1. I like that feeling of satisfaction or contentment, either way. Yesterday I got home, he was there already, we put walking gear on and went out to hike 3.72 miles, just because the weather was too beautiful to just stay inside. Then I made a (meatless) seitan ("meat")balls and vegetarian "pepperoni" pizza because we were out of spaghetti. Simple and yet perfect way to have an evening together doing the things we love.

  2. The smallest things are often the most satisfying.

    He is vegetarian, I'm still omnivorous however I don't buy meat (not cooking two meals everynight!) and I bring my lunch to work so no meat there either. I only eat meat when we go to someone else's house or at restaurants. We do it eat fish.

  3. I hear you on loving the conversations that develop during car trips. That is my favorite thing about long drives with the hubby – listening to him and getting the chance to have long uninterrupted conversations about our hopes, dreams, and plans.

    1. Yeah, we used to go on long cross-country trips all the time (8+ hours of driving), but now that I've graduated and we live within 30 minutes of all of our extended family, there aren't many opportunities for long drives.

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