Valentine’s Weekend.

I arrived home from my errands yesterday and sat down at the computer. As I surfed through blogs I was reminded that Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. I turned to my hubby (his desk face the opposite wall) and informed him that it was Valentine’s Weekend.

“A whole weekend!?” B-man replied, sounding rather exhasperated. “But Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday!”

I laughed. Then I looked at a calender. It’s actually on a Monday. Nickels and dimes, nickels and dimes.

I asked B-man “Who goes out on a Monday… or a Tuesday?!” Considering that we both work, weekdays are rather exhausting. He agreed with me, but then I found something shiny and interesting on the inter-webs and I was thoroughly distracted.


Later that evening we climbed into bed. I did my best to take up the ENTIRE King size bed, but alas, I could not. We just chilled, kind of snuggling, talking about our day, and the things that had occured during the week. B-man then said:

“The Icing is having a cupcake tasting tomorrow (Saturday), and I thought it might be cool to go.” I love cupcakes. Like… a lot. I drive past “The Icing” on my way to work during the week, and I’ve been telling him about this place. He continues “It starts at 9, and you need reservations, but if you want to go I can get up at 8:30 and call them.”

How sweet. Cupcakes, and giving up your sleeping in. After a little discussion we decided to hold off on the cupcakes. Neither of us really wanted to give up our sleeping in.

“Well, okay…” the man was undeterred “we could go to the Marine Museum – I know you’ve been wanting to go, and they are having a special exhibit of miniature trains.” I love museums, and thought this sounded nice. It hadn’t occurred to me at this point that he was planning our Valentine’s Weekend.


“Any other ideas for tomorrow?” he seemed to be full of them last night, which was good since I hadn’t been out of the house in ages (aside form work).

B-man laughed “Well, we could do dinner backwards, if you want.”

About a week ago I went to Chili’s with my sister and my hubby. Being pregnant feels like having a gastric bypass, because I can barely eat two chicken strips before feeling full. Thusly, I was disappointed when dessert rolled around and I had no room for another sip of water, let alone dessert! We decided to hold off on the dessert for another night.

So with our plans in hand, we went to bed Friday, and did not set an alarm. As I lay there listening to B-man snore it dawned on me that he was our Valentine’s weekend. So sweet of him – especially since I had been teasing when I mentioned it.


Today I woke up around 12. I hoped in the shower, got ready, and by 1 pm we were out the door. The weather was beautiful! The drive up to the National Museum of the Marine Corp and Heritage Museum was a lot bigger than I expected. If you’re ever in the area – check it out. Very interesting, and FREE!

We actually didn’t get through the whole museum. About half way through my pregnant body and hungry tummy required that we go to find food. Since the museum is free, and rather close to our house, we are going to go back on our next available weekend for some more fun.

As I mentioned, there was a miniature train exhibit going on too. I’m not particularly interested in trains, but it is always cool to see new things! Next weekend we will be playing Rail Baron with B-man’s family, and so I snapped a few pictures of things I recognized from the game.

The B&O is a railroad that runs between Baltimore and Ohio. It always makes me chuckle though because it’s like BO… body odor… tee hee. (I’m young at heart!).

Ten points if you can guess where this train goes!

And a cross country trip wouldn’t be complete with out McDonald’s! It’s crazy how intricate the little sceneries were. You can see it just in this building – the menu is posted in the window! Some of the trains had people sitting in them, and right next to the B&O building was an outhouse with the door hanging open while a little figurine was using the John! lol.

After half of the museum we retreated back to our car, and then we left for Chilli’s. This time I was careful to not drink four glasses of water before my food arrived (that was my downfall last time), and I only ate half of my meal. The rest I packaged up and brought home! B-man had wanted to order dessert first, to make sure I got to enjoy it, but my stomach was so empty I needed real food before I could have the sugar. The thought was still there, and I paced myself enough that I was still able to enjoy some dessert.


So, that’s how we celebrated Valentine’s Day (a little early). I really can’t stand traffic, or people, or waiting too long for my drink to get filled… so going out on Valentine’s Day is not very enjoyable for me. I’m planning to maybe make last year’s events a yearly thing with home-made pizza and chocolate covered strawberries!

Tell me: Do you have any big plans?

Continue the fun!

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  1. Geez, you were so close to our house! LOL

    Glad you had fun.

    We don't go out on Valentine's Day very often either. In fact, I think the last time we actually went out to eat ON the day was the year Jon proposed ON V-day….egads, that's 14 years ago!

    I do always make a swanky, fancy dinner though and we usually watch a movie or just chill out and play a game or something kinda fun. Just spend some "us" time. And, as you probably know, we don't buy each other gifts. We do a "house gift". This year, we decided the new cooktop and stove hood we have to get is gonna count as the house gift. We don't buy each other gifts for our anniversary either. Another house gift event!

    By the way, I love the idea of backwards dinners! Maybe we'll do that next time we go out!

    1. We don't do gifts for… anything… too often. Unless there is something that either of us has been wanting. No gifts this year, but that's okay, because we had a great time!

  2. That looks like fun! I can't believe how much detail there is in those little scenes. They're so intricate.

    I don't think we're doing much of anything for Valentine's Day, unfortunately. I'm working all this weekend (of course, I use my breaks to go online, haha) and tomorrow I'll be in classes and Neuro Lab. Maybe we'll do a late celebration. 🙂

    1. It was a nice surprise, and definitely a good date. I don't know if you have experienced the same thing, but once we got married we stopped "planning" dates, so it was nice to have some plans and not just a last minute thing. 🙂

  3. This sounds like our planning. I really want to do something fun, but keep saying "no, too expensive" or "no, we should've already made reservations." So I think I"ll be cooking and he'll be bringing home a cake!

    1. I love going to museums, and in this area (Northern VA/Washington DC) there are a ton of free ones, and a lot of civil war sites that have museums/visitor centers that are free, or only cost a few dollars. Even though I live here I check out tourist websites to see what people recommended – maybe you can find some free activities in your area! (I just search "family attractions knoxville, TN… or whatever city you're looking for).

      I hope your dinner and cake are delicious. I just got a call for a job (I'm an on-call ASL interpreter) tomorrow, and my husband said that was good so he could "set-up" stuff… not sure what that means, so maybe there will be a surprise waiting for me when I get home!

    1. I don't typically work on Mondays, but I got called in yesterday, so it was a good thing we celebrated early instead of making big plans – or we would've had to cancel them!

  4. We had a wonderful weekend skiing. Sunday and Monday. We rented a cabin along with friends of my husband right on the slopes. Yesterday was the best skiing I've ever had in this country (never been to the west coast). I had a blast and my husband had a hard time keeping up with me. We snuggled on the ski lifts. Played games with our friends on Sunday night (hoopla, so much fun). All and all the best Valentine's ever for me.

    Normally I'm just happy making a special meal at home. I don't really care about V day presents, it feels too fake.

    1. We didn't really do gifts, we have in the past, but nothing big. Last year he bought me a replacement copy of "Phantom of the Opera" because mine had gone missing and it's one of my favorite movies – but we only buy gifts (for any holiday) if it has purpose and is a meaningful gift. We both agree that a gift given just for the sake of giving is more a waste of money than a gift.

      I am jealous of your weekend though! I love skiing but I haven't been since I lived in Germany, five years ago! But I grew up skiing and snowboarding and miss it so much! If the snow was so good, so you mind if I ask where it was? I would eventually love to take a nice vacation some where and drag my hubby out into the snow. 🙂

      (And yeah for snuggling!)

      1. Last year he got me a water day pack so I could run with it, even if I asked for nothing. He had this cute guilty face saying he couldn't resist getting it for me because it was on sale an he knew I needed it. 🙂

        The only two winters I didn't ski I was in the US: 2000/2001 and last year. I love snow for the very reason that I know how much fun things can be done in it.

        We went to Beech Mountain in NC. The morning the snow was perfect, by the afternoon it was turning slushy because it was so warm. But I've heard some of our friends mentionning Snowshoe which is closer to you and they said they had a really fun time there.
        As we are getting closer to the end of the season you may be able to get some better deal. Although being pregnant you might be more up for it next year…

        Three or four years ago we went to Sugar Mtn (NC) and the slopes were fun but the snow conditions not as good. We've had more snow this year which made it better.

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