Short update

I still haven’t gotten the Jeep fixed.

BECAUSE… I haven’t called around to get estimates.

It also needs new tires.


I really love That 70’s Show. It makes me laugh.

And the Big Bang Theory

And Community.


I’m going over to my parents’ tonight to show my siblings how to make

chicken nuggets that taste just like the chik-fil-a version.



I have been uber tired lately.

Which is why… I don’t get much done.

Except watching That 70’s Show.

Four episodes come on, right in a row, from 3 -5 on ABC family.


Continue the fun!

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    1. Once, I was diagnosed with depression. Not because I was particularly sad or "depressed" emotionally… but because I was sleeping 12+ hours a day (nights + naps).

      I kind of think that maybe it's a similar thing, pregnant = wacky hormones. But I saw on TV today that the anti-depressant I used to take has been linked to serious birth defect… so I would rather sleep all day than deal with that!

  1. I usually don't mind being an exclusive TV on the internet girl, but I do really miss the endless easy to find sitcom reruns. I haven't seen That 70's show in far too long.

    1. I bet you save a lot of money doing that though! I hadn't realized until recently that people actually did that! Mind, if you have netflix, or perhaps even hulu, you could probably find a good sticom to watch!

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