Appointment # 3 – it’s aliiiive!

So I’ve been pregnant for about 15 weeks. My last appointment was at 7 weeks, but because of the holidays and moving and what not things just kept getting pushed back. I finally scheduled an appointment (more on how I picked the doctor later) and went in for my third appointment. This appointment was last Wednesday, January 19th.


It was a very short appointment. I peed in a cup, they retook some tests because some of the results came back non-conclusive, and then they smeared my belly with goop. Yah goop! I didn’t realize that they would be able to use that doppler thing so early and find the baby’s heartbeat – but they did! It was very strange. It felt like my insides were going to be crushed! Finally the nurse found the baby and I could hear it’s heart beating 160 beats per minute… then it disappeared… and the nurse chased the baby around my uterus. We could hear it for a moment, and then the baby would move away. I don’t blame him/her – it wasn’t the most comfortable thing for me either. My blood pressure was 118/72. A relatively perfect blood pressure, I might add. What’s strange to me is that the baby’s heart beats more than twice as fast as mine!


Up until that moment… the one where I actually heard its heart beat… I didn’t really feel like there was a baby in me. If that even makes sense. Yes – I’ve said the words “I’m pregnant” and I have a crib in my house and I feel nauseous all day long and I have to pee every hour and my joints are achy – but ya know… that could all be because I have a cold and I’m letting some one store a crib in my house. lol. Even seeing the first ultra sound, and the nurse pointing out the little heart thump-thumping away didn’t stir that “baaaaaaaby!” feeling in me. But now it feels oh so real. I can’t say for certain, but I really do think I feel little flutters at night when I’m trying to sleep. I guess that next part to come to grips with is that this thing in my uterus will be coming out of my va-jay-jay in a few months.


Continue the fun!

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  1. Congrats!! I don't think I've commented before so I just wanted to say hi, congratulations, and I enjoy reading your blog- you have a great voice! I'm looking forward to hearing about the next 9+ months!

    1. Hi! Thanks! And thanks for reading, and complimenting. Always a good thing! I hope I don't get boring as the months go on. Lately all I can think is "Gosh… a nap would be nice!" and that doesn't make for interesting blogging. I'm also hoping to find my camera… then I'll start including pictures again. 🙂

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