Thursday… I mean… Friday

I think I missed a day this week. But it has been such a long arduous week. The week being Thursday – Thursday. So I’ll tell you about the good things, since I have done plenty of whining about the bad things.


Yesterday I got all of the inspections and testing done on my Honda Civic and made it to the DMV with minutes to spare. I did get license plates, so now we have one legal car to drive. Having the jeep out of commission is kind of annoying. My civic plates expired in December, so when the Jeep had problems we ended up borrowing my little sister’s car. She was finished with work for a while and out of school so she didn’t need it. My family is so generous. I felt bad enough that they were financially helping me get the car fixed, and then on top of that loaning us a car. Thankfully nothing was wrong with the civic and it is legal and good to go!


I have been agonizing over finding a doctor. I am 14 weeks pregnant right now, and my last appointment was at 7. But every time I would try and make an appointment some where they would give me the run around with a list of things I needed to do before they would accept me into their practice. Things like be interviewed by the head nurse and hand over all of my personal medical information. I’ve been trying to make an appointment since I moved here, and finally I bit the bullet, handed over my records, and was accepted the next day. So – here’s hoping I like the doctors, because if not they wasted their time (and mine) giving me the run around. What ever. The point is:  I have my next appointment.

Also – I know I had mentioned possibly going to a midwife, but money is really tight right now, and my insurance covers the hospital stuff outright, were as with a midwife we would have to pay and wait to be reimbursed. So, for now, and for our family – it’s what we have to do. Luckily I found a hospital that has only private “hotel like” rooms where the baby rooms in the same room, and there are couches for the family.


And lastly, I have a sweet husband who woke me up at 12:30 and after coaxing me out of my zombie dreams (seriously, I dreamed about zombies last night) he said “Would you please go buy dog food and then do some laundry today?” How can I say no to that sweet face! I am glad I got to sleep in though, I have been so emotionally exhausted with all of the car problems that my body just needed a good long rest. And by the way: I did go an buy dog food, AND I’ve done some laundry today. Win!

Continue the fun!

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