Birthday Bash, and philosophical thinking on poop.

Some times, when I lose things, I think “If I were Jessica on a good day, where would I logically keep things so that I will remember…” this is how I found my camera, and the batteries today. It only took me 30 minutes. Lies… I’ve been looking for the batteries for 3 days now. They were in my desk drawers. Duh.
This is going to be a compilation of things. Since I refrained from a real post yesterday, I have plenty to post! Like… Birthday presents! Before I could blog I had to finish writing my 10 page paper about women’s equality in Ancient Athens.
What doesn’t belong in this picture? In my opinion, I think it’s the books! Regardless, on Monday I received a present from my family back in F’burg!!! Yippee! Much happier than paper writing!
What was in the box? Well, I’ll tell you!
A cute card that sings “Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!” Insisting that I don’t have to share my chocolate on my birthday. But… I do love my Bran-man, so I shared with him… but not the dogs.
I also received this beautiful blue Vera Bradley Purse! I love it. It is the perfect size to carry… everything! lol. It has a magnetic closure, which is SO nice, and it’s reversible!
Inside the bag was this matching wallet, with instructions to take the contents and “pamper myself.” I’m not sure what that will be, but I am definitely going to do it!
There was also this set of slippers! No more cold toes! They came in a little bag, which I am now using to store my flat iron and curling iron. ๐Ÿ™‚
I was a pretty happy camper, and I’ve been carrying the bag ever since! So sitting down to write that paper on Monday was kind of a depressing time. I finished class at 7:45 and was home a little after 8:00pm. I had a long night in front of me. We decided to order pizza.
Best pizza ever… BBQ sauce, chicken, and pineapple. Yumm…
I finished the paper at 5:00 am and went to bed. I woke up around 8:00 am so submit my paper, and go to class. My brain was feeling kind of mushy… so I laid down for a few minutes before dashing to my bowling final!
Then, after a SUPER long day of classes on Tuesday, I arrived home a little bit after 8:00pm again, and there was my sweet husband. He had cleaned up the house, and was making dinner.
Scalloped potatoes and ham. One of my favorite foods. We watched food network, which may seem weird, but it’s one of my favorite things to do while eating. Plus, I had not watched TV in over a week. Just been too busy! Brandan also made cake… but he cut it up and served it before I had a chance to take a picture. He forgot to put the candles on it, which… is a tiny bit sad, since I love blowing out candles, but probably for the better because we didn’t burn the house down! What came next? Presents!!!
He wrapped them so purty! But that did not last for too long!
First I open this bottle of aromatherapy bath salts. He called it “a bottle of sleep”… since I obviously don’t get enough! Lol, it made me laugh, but I am looking forward to using it sometime in the near future!
Then I opened this! B-man can be so cute sometimes, and I love listening to him explain why he picks certain things. A few weeks ago we went to a Bath & Body Works to buy hand soap, but I tried on this scent when we were there, and I loved it. It smells… awesome! So he bought me some. He spoils me.

Then I opened these! Yup, I got I got TWO pairs of slippers for my birthday… that’s because my feet are extra cold (and I complain a lot)! These are from L.L. Bean, and sadly, they were a little small. We’re going to return them. But, B-man told me “You have a ton of shows, so it’s okay to have more than one pair of slippers.” True-that!
The last thing he got me was something I had mentioned wanting before. It’s for our emergency kit!
It got really good reviews, and it extra useful. It is a radio…
A flash light…
Has a USB port to charge a cell phone…
It runs on batteries, crank power, or solar power. I’m really glad we have this, and I have decided to store it in the window seal… so that is can solar-charge while we’re not using it, but we know where it is if we need it.
I’ll stop the picture spam now.
On Tuesday Brandan and I were having a conversation. It was kind of about poop. He said he loves everything about me, I asked if that included my poop and he said:
“If the only thing left of you were your
poop, I don’t think I’d keep it.”
Which…. so be honest sums up my feelings about his poop as well. I’m glad we’re on the same page with this. I hope you laughed at that. He cracks me up all the time.
To sum everything up, it’s been a fantastic birthday, and it’s weird being 22… for some reason this birthday really does feel older than any other birthday I have experienced. If I look at the things I’ve accomplished in the last year (and the things I will accomplish in the near future), I really have grown up a lot. I’m married, dog-mommy, almost graduate college student who can write a ten page paper! Now, if that’s not grown up… I don’t know what is!
(ummm… I’m just kidding. There is still more growing to do… but I’m getting there!)
Continue the fun!

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  1. LOL–I love the Samoas hiding with the books. Those are my FAVES. I'm hopefully getting some tomorrow–I ordered some from one of my violin students and I reach her on Sundays after church.It's awesome that you got two pairs of slippers! Hopefully your feet are all nice and comfy now–not to mention stylish! So you're going to return the L.L. Bean ones and not exchange them? They're SO CUTE and moccasin-y!That pizza looks UH-MAZING. *drool*OMG that emergency kit is the COOLEST THING EVER! If it comes in red I'm so getting one… :-DAnd I'm glad that you and Brandan are on the same page about poop. That's very important for couples! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Oh no, I'm going to get a different size. I have been wanting these slippers… for a very long time. So no worries… one day I will have them… and then my toes will be uber warm. Lol.

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