2 hours ago.

2 hours ago my husband dragged me to bed.

We talked about our days, what we had (and had not) accomplished. Then he rolled over and fell asleep. In as long as it took to read that last sentence… that’s how long he took to fall asleep.


I on the other hand tossed and turned and tried to pretend I wasn’t experiencing heart burn.

Then I gave up.

So instead I am wasting my time putzing around on facebook. I wish I could sleep though, since I have to get up and got pay $600 for my Jeep and then hopefully finish unpacking my bedroom.

And the last bit of randomness:  I walked to the grocery store today. It’s less than a mile away. I figure if I have to walk for my “quick” runs, things will probably seem a little less important, and we’ll spend less money!

The end.

Continue the fun!

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      1. Yeah, I understand. My bike is at my parent's house cause I don't have a place to put it, plus we live at the top of a hill, and I can't imagine riding up the hill wit a basket full of groceries! But I will be taking my bike out once the weather gets nicer. 🙂

        1. 🙂 Sorry I wasn't telling you to grab the bike, it's just that somehow the bike word never made it in the first comment I did. I just meant to add the sentence. I should have just rewrote it.

          As far as ridding it with groceries: a small hiking bag usually does the trick for me.

      2. Oh but I agree! Riding a bike is a fabulous idea, I love riding bikes, I just worry about the hill because of my hips right now – since getting pregnant most of my joints are very stiff and my hip problems have returned (loose ligaments).

        I do have a good backpack I could use – as long as I'm not buying anything too big. I'll keep it in mind when the weather warms up. We're a bit icy right now though – that could be a disaster!

        1. I hate hills, more often than not I just push the bike up. I have been getting better at it since I started running because I have more stamina.

          I guess you got a bit of that snow storm too. We still have snow (a fresh dusting this morning in fact). It does makes things more tricky,

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