I'd much rather be blogging!

And it true, I would prefer to be typing in this window, than in my boring word document about women and whether or not they were equal to men in ancient Athens. Ya know what?! They’re all dead. It doesn’t matter. Oh… did I say that?

But seriously. I think a lot of people will say they were not equal, so I’m trying to argue that in a sense, no one is ever really “equal” to any one else, even in the relationship the epitomizes “equalness” – marriage. That is, if equal means “same.” So, I am saying that people can be equal, with out being the same as every one else. Just like my husband and I do different chores, but we are equal contributers. Ya know. Blah. grrrr…. so I know I am going to go write more. BUT…. come Wednesday I will have picture updates of my fabulous
BIRTHDAY (which is today! Right now!)
presents that I got. I was pretty depressed about this paper… so my hubby gave me my present early, and I got presents from my mom, and some others, so yippeee!!!
Continue the fun!

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