I did something I’ve been putting off!

A long long long time ago, back when One Shiny Star was still hosted as oneshinystar.reed2009.com, I made a special page. This special page is still a work in progress. It’s a list of links to all of the blogs I wrote about my wedding. Currently – unfinished – it has a list of 32 things.

Well, sadly when I moved my blog over, all of my links died. I did save all of the posts, but they had new links, and I just couldn’t convince myself to take on the daunting task of fixing all of my broken links.

Guys. I did it this morning.

It took me 5 minutes.


hahahahahaha! I hadn’t realized that if something on my old blog was “http://oneshinystar.reed2009.com/?p=1214” then on the new blog it would just be “http://oneshinystar.com/?p=1214”  see… same number! It was a breeze. So I just wanted to let every one (any new readers) that the links in my wedding section (Titled “The Wedding” at the top of this page) is back up and working.

I’ve been very wordy lately. I noted that when I saw my own blog in my google reader. So I wanted to say Thanks to those who actually read and comment! Your comments make me so happy! I blogged for years and years with out comments, and I would continue to do it if the commenting stopped, but it does make my day a little happier. So thanks! I’ll try taking more pictures here soon… once my house is decent looking again.

Continue the fun!

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    1. I love you and I miss you too! In my last post I made a desperate plee for friends! lol.

      Looonely…. I'm so looonely… I have no boooody…. to.. hang out with. 🙂

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