Welcome back!

Umm… the welcome is for me. 🙂

I guess I have been updating randomly enough that it seems like I am here – but in all honesty I have been with out internet for three weeks! We got our apartment the day before Christmas Eve, but didn’t get the internet hooked up until… this last Monday.

I know this may be a bit personal – but I need friends. Do any of my readers also live in the NoVa area? Perhaps it’s a long shot. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. I’m a pretty fun person though.

I want to finish cleaning up my house. Then I think B-man and I will have a proper house warming party. Of course… I’ve never had one before, so I guess I will have to learn what a house warming party involves. Maybe it means turning down the heat so that all of the warm bodies can help lower my electric bill? No? Oh well. If any one lives in this area you will definitely be invited! I don’t know when this unscheduled party will be… but keep your eyes peeled!

In other news… my New Year cards arrived last night. And this morning I finished addressing and stuffing all of them! Now to spend $21.00 dollars on postage. I can’t complain too much since the cards were free. I just paid the $9.00 UPS shipping. A bit steep if you ask me, but apparently the card I picked out would’e cost me over $100 if I didn’t have the fee 50 cards coupon. Eeek!

In more other news: my living room is almost put together. I’m revving up for this last push of unpacking. Seriously! Believe me! There are like… maybe 5 boxes left to unpack. I’m just kind of out of space in my living room. In my old apartment I had nice thick window seals to display lots of little things. Now I don’t. Now I have… well… not a lot. Maybe I will buy some pretty shelves. Or search craiglist for some kind of hutch. I mean… I need a safe place to display my Tiffany’s vase that my cousin gave me for my wedding… right? I NEED IT!! Okay. Actually… I don’t need it.

We’re not spending money right now. It’s not that hard. We have plenty of food in the house. We have Netflix. Netflix on demand. And we even have movie tickets that some one gave us for Christmas. But when we moved up here and our rent doubled it put us in a bit of a bind. We’re not technically poor, because we recently found out that B-man has a large sum of money in savings bonds and in mutual funds… but in spendable money it’s pretty low. We need to re-register our cars with VA plates. We will have to pay a couple hundred dollars in down payments for both the electric and water companies. Mind – we get paid tomorrow… but our plan is to always have enough money to pay rent and the bills. Oh yeah… and insurance and a car payment. So pretty much… NOT living pay check to pay check. Which is definitely not something I want to do. But it means that the pay check we get tomorrow (which is roughly $100 more than our rent) is being set aside as… rent. I don’t know if any of this is making sense.

I wish I were more organized. I had been very worried about our lack of savings. I spent all of my graduation money that I received and about half of our savings (which tells you it wasn’t a TON of money) on Christmas presents this year. All in all I probably spent over $1000 on Christmas presents for people – and I didn’t even get my hubby something good. 🙁  It’s sad, but Christmas presents were a source of contention for B-man and I this year. His family is always very generous in their gift giving – and he really wants to keep up with them. My family, while generous in their own means, has always been a one gift per person kind of family (in regards to extended family). Of course, my extended family gets together once every other blue moon, where as his family all live close to each other and see each other for… everything. I would rather give one perfect gift than give a couple “good” gifts. Meh. What’s done is done. It has just left us a little worse for ware and a bit more stressed.

I feel old. Not like grandma old. But I definitely don’t feel like the lively early 20’s gal I felt like a year ago.

Okay. Back to the unpacking. I have this crazy notion that maybe I can get everything unpacked before my husband gets home from work. Which means… I have like… an hour. Ha!

Complain about something to me so I feel better please. Please!?!?

Continue the fun!

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  1. Yay for having Internet back 🙂 Boo for crazy cost of living in NOVA. I'm from Richmond, but live now in Louisville, KY. If I were there I'd totally hang out! I found you from That Wife, but we're 9 hours away from VA now. NOVA is so full of people you'll meet new friends soon – just make sure you get out and about!

    Um, I'll complain. Please don't take this the wrong way because I'm super happy about your pregnancy and can't wait to follow along, but we're meeting with our RE Friday morning to look at IVF because we've had 4 failed IUIs in our quest to become parents. 1. We don't have $15K lying around for IVF. 2. I may be too overweight for my BMI to have IVF right now. 3. My stupid little cousin who isn't married, has a really crappy job and still has bills paid for by her dad announced she's pregnant via Facebook on Monday. Life sucks out here too at the moment. BUT it can only get better, right!?

    😀 Happy unpacking!

    1. I'll stop complaining now. But seriously – I follow your blog, it's one of the few that I actually read (not just skim). I can't say that I know how it feels (There was a point at 8 months of trying where I told my husband that I thought we might never have children… but then the next month we were pregnant.) – but I wish you the best. Seriously. I can't imagine what it must feel like, but my heart goes out to you.

      And if I had $15K lying around – it would be yours.

      You are definitely right… things can only get better. I know it is easy to get focused on what we really want, but some times before that can happen we need to focus a little more on ourselves. Take care of yourself. You deserve it.

  2. I can never imagine spending 1000 bucks on Christmas!!! Wow!!!! I freaked out when we spent $100…. Make a budget!!!! It has saved us… We've been dirt poor for our entire marriage!!!!! (the poor part will end this month!!!) I guess I'll complain about still being in school… If I would have had my act together I would have been done with college 8 months ago… And on to better things… But nope, I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grow up (I guess I'm still not too sure about that). Anyway, I still have another 7 months of undergrad. I am applying for grad school… At least that won't take me 5 years (hopefully!!!!) 🙂

    1. The majority of the money I spent on Christmas gifts was my graduation money that people had given me. So it's not like we are out $1000. We both come from rather large families though, and some of B-man's siblings even have kids, which adds to the list. Meh. It's spent, I'm glad we were able to be generous this year, and it doesn't matter any more.

      School. Yuck. And then grad school! More yuck! The real concept of not going back to school hasn't hit me yet. But maybe once I have a job it will? We'll see. Keep your chin up! Feel free to call or e-mail me if things get lame once Bill leaves. Even though I'm far away I'm still "here" for you. 😉

  3. Next year you could make a Christmas budget and stick to it. Nothing you can change about this year, but people should understand that your new lifestyle may not allow you to spoil them like may have been able to in the past.

    Heck I'm just now starting to get real Christmas presents for my family again. Call me cheap, but with shipping and all, sometimes I'd rather just wish them Merry Christmas and have them know we're not getting into financial issues for them.

    For the rest check craigslist and look if there is a freecycle community in your area, you may be able to get shelves for free 🙂

    1. We'll see. By next Christmas B-man may have a new job! I did have a spending limit for each person – and there were some people on his list that I just said "we never hear from them or see them. Gifts aren't required – we'll send a card."

      I hadn't considered looking for free/cheap shelves! Good idea!

    1. haha – umm… I had forgotten – been a bit crazy lately. Did you get them? Sorry it took me so long! Of course, if I did something like that again I would have no excuse! My apartment complex is RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the post office!

  4. I have no idea where in NoVa you are, but I'm in DC and am constantly lonely. So, yah. If your ever someplace easily accessible via metro and feel like hanging out with a random person who comments once in a blue moon, hi!

    1. I'll keep that in mind. 🙂 I live a little further south than DC, about 30 minutes south of the closest metro station. But seriously – if I'm ever up there I'll shoot you an e-mail. 😀

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