Yesterday I went grocery shopping at Wegman’s. It’s pretty much the only place I have found in our area that has a decent sized organic section, and a large produce section. It took me three hours to grocery shop. Mostly because I was new to the store.

I bought something I probably shouldn’t have. It was a tad bit expensive, and kind of silly since I could make it at home – but at Wegman’s they have a juicer and they sell fresh squeezed orange juice.


I bought a pint. Yesterday. And finished it today. I have never tasted orange juice like this before, and now I’m going to go poor buying orange juice.

In other news… we have internet now. Woot!

Yesterday I:

  • showered
  • planned my menu
  • made a grocery shopping list
  • went grocery shopping (I was at the store by 10 am!)
  • drank orange juice
  • did dishes
  • prepared home-made from scratch tomato soup and panini grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner
  • (we got a panini grill for Christmas from my MIL/FIL so I had to try it out!)
  • did dishes again
  • went to sleep

My sweet husband did the laundry while I was out. But I think there is still more. It will be so nice to have that all caught up, and then to have everything unpacked.

What?! A girl can dream!

So now I have a question for any Mama’s reading my blog. What is the best baby purchase (or gift) you ever made (or received)? We live in an apartment. I don’t want to have too much baby stuff – stuff that will never get used and end up being donated. So let me know. What do you wish you had bought/been given more of? What did you have to much of? What items did you use the most? And which things did you use the least?

Help a sista out!

Continue the fun!

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  1. The things I've used the most have depended on the set up of the house we're in. In our house in KS I didn't use the changing table very often, as it was upstairs, but I've really used it everywhere else (we've lived in 4 houses since our first baby was born). It saves on baby trying to crawl away and the up and down to change the baby on the floor. Though many people do without them, especially if space is an issue.

    I have a Diaper champ pail–you can use regular trash bags in them, not like DiaperGenies that have special (expensive refill bags).

    I've learned a booster seat is just as good as a high chair, maybe even better, if you don't intend to feed solids to the little one until he/she is sitting up well. Before that you can always hold the baby, if you have a late sitter. The cost is less and it saves floor space.

    Babies are really different as far as what they enjoy, so some things are a real toss up. I really liked the Fisher-Price Baby Papasan Infant Seat. It folded easily and we used it a lot. We had a swing, but our oldest didn't care for it. A pack and play is nice for traveling or can be used as a bed at home, but isn't necessary.

    I like Boppy pillows (they are good for positioning baby whether you nurse the baby or not. I had a great pump, if you intend to breastfeed that can be really helpful. I had an Ameda and I've heard that Medla makes great ones too. If you stay home, there are much more economical choices, but I worked full time with my first and needed the fast electric pump. My husband was thrilled with that purchase, despite the high price up front, as it paid for itself within two or three months, compared to the cost of formula and it was used for a total of 39 months! Just something to think about if you're debating on a pump.

    Typically people will buy clothes for the baby, so I wouldn't buy an entire wardrobe, since you'll likely get clothes as gifts, even without or aside from a baby shower.

    You'll need a lot of little things–thermometers, cotton swabs, infant medicine, wipes, diapers, etc. If you register at Target (and probably a lot of other places too) they will give you a % off of what ever is left on your registry close to your due date, so you can pick up whatever is left then, so put it all on there.

    If you think you might have more than one child, I suggest going with gender neutral items for your big purchases–like car seats, etc. so you can reuse them (until the reach their expiration date at least). We had our kids close enough in age that all three were able to use the same infant car seat–they expire after about 5 years.

    Here are the expendables I like: http://notesfromamama.blogspot.com/2009/11/baby-t

    Best wishes!!

    1. Thanks! I am planning to breastfeed – and have been looking at pumps. I hadn't considered diaper pails or high chairs yet. Can't we just bag the baby poop like we do the dogs? lol.

    1. I actually already read OMG Mom. My blog is listed on the side of hers. 🙂

      I was just asking for personal preferences – since I'm sure every Mommy is different. I'm currently feeling like… buying nothing… and then getting things as we need them. But I know that isn't completely practical. lol.

    1. Lol – it was very nice. I liked shopping at a place called "Earth Fare" in Knoxville. The majority of their products were local, organic, or a combination there of. But they were a full service grocery store, so if there were things that they had in their inventory that were not organic or local is labelled it "conventional" so you know that you're buying the regular item. I think I will probably stick to Wegman's though just for the selection. 🙂

  2. Well… I'm only 11 weeks into Mummyhood at the moment, but the things I wouldn't be able to live without are muslin squares (not sure if they're called the same thing over there – maybe burp cloths?), a breast pump, baby bouncer, an activity mat and the car seat. Plus LOTS of baby gro's and vests. I don't tend to put him in anything else yet unless we're going out somewhere, but we do have some cute little outfits for him. And as someone else said, people go nuts buying you clothes so you shouldn't need to get too much yourself for the first couple of months.

    I have never had a diaper genie or anything like that – we just buy really inexpensive diaper bags and put them in the normal rubbish bin. For really stinky ones we take them straight outside to the bin there. To be honest we don't have a huge amount of space and I don't know where I'd put something like that anyway!

    I bought a baby bath and used it twice, then started taking our little one in the shower with me. So much easier, and he loves it. He hated baths. But every baby is different.

    And for you – if you're breastfeeding I would get some good quality nipple cream, and some breast pads. Thankfully I've not had too many problems so haven't had to use the cream all that much, but when I did it was a lifesaver. And I would have had some embarrassing moments had it not been for the breast pads! 🙂 hehe.

    OH. And I bought LOTS of baby bath, lotions, talc, gel etc and now I have enough to last me a lifetime… It's something easy for people to buy as gifts and I ended up with more than I have storage space for! So I wouldn't go crazy with stuff like that. But I guess you'll always use it!!

    And you'll go through diapers probably a lot quicker than you think you will. Can never have too many of those, but I wouldn't buy too many in tiny sizes incase little one gets here and they're too small. Too big isn't really a problem as can always use them later…

    Can't think of anything else just now but I'm sure there's more… I'll come back if I think of anything else 🙂

    Take Care,


  3. Luv, Luv, Luv my Pack-in-Play! Ours has changing table and bassinet attachments:) The bassinet plays music and vibrates:) Very nice since I am not a fan of running upstairs to use the changing table. The vibrating bassinet was my best friend for the first few weeks when the only comfortable place for me to sleep was the couch and Nicklaus did not care for his crib. The Boppy Pillow is definitely high on the list. It will keep your back from hurting while nursing. As a third time parents we did not spend a lot of money on a high end baby monitor. Living in an apartment you probably won't need anything too fancy. I think you can skip the diaper pail. We had one for Maddie, but usually just threw diapers in the trash as we do now. A baby swing is also helpful for putting baby to sleep when mommy is very tired. I know what you mean about baby clutter. As I look at my family room from where I am sitting, I see a swing, pack-in-play, baby rocker, activity center mat, and an exosaucer sitting among the baby clutter:) Hope that helps! See you next week!

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