Christmas, Moving, Ikea, and lacking Interweb

Christmas was awesome. We spent Christmas Eve with B-man’s family, and enjoyed a nice roast beast dinner. When the festivities died down we left for my parents house where we spent the night. The next morning we were awoken by threats of silly string – a W family tradition generally saved for our grandparents. Thankfully they didn’t spray us, and took their silly string down stairs. It’s not fun to pull that stuff out of your hair!

After breakfast and presents B-man and I went back to our boxed up apartment with plans to unpack. But I laid down… and was out. We’d only gotten 4 hours of sleep that night. Around 4 pm my Mom called us to say dinner was almost ready. We went back and enjoyed a traditional hammy Christmas dinner, complete with fake mashed potatoes (made just for me) and green jell-o fluff (which I did not touch – definitely not made for me).

Since Christmas we have been unpacking… very slowly. B-man and I are very different creatures. I just go with the flow, where as B-man doesn’t want to take anything out of the boxes until the item has a permanent home. Not possible… since most of the furniture is not in place yet. Whatever.

Yesterday I went to Ikea and bought a few things for the house. Our living room is kind of long, so we got a coffee table to take up some of the space, and then we needed a second desk. At our last apartment we used our dining room table as a desk – but at this place we have room for it in the dining room (go figure!) so I bought a second desk. It’s the same glass top as my hubby’s desk, but shorter.

ANDDD …. we still don’t have internet. It’s going to be set-up on Monday. In the meantime I am driving my hubby to my brother- in-laws so he can work. While he is gone I am being very productive. Today I got the oil changed in the jeep, took it to the car wash. It was in desperate need after driving up from Tennessee in the snow/salt. Then I went home and unpacked about 5 boxes. I’m pretty much done with the kitchen now. There will be pictures as soon as it’s together.

So tell me — How was your Christmas?

Continue the fun!

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  1. Very chill Christmas. We invited friends over for a yummy Christmas Eve dinner. French style, sitting down at the table and with the last bites eaten around 11pm.

    Saturday we were going to go to his cousin's but I wasn't feeling good and then it started to snow heavily so we just stayed put. No regret we had fun and made a snowwoman, played monopoly (brand new christmas present) and just chilled and watched movies.

  2. OMG! I have been seriously behind on reading blogs. Congrats on your pregnancy! I am due with our second baby July 28th so we're pregnant together on the internet. Very interesting! I'm happy for you two.

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