Does this count as morning sickness?

November 19, 2010 (4:30 am) – Does this count as morning sickness?

I thought I had already experienced morning sickness, and that the worst of it was going to be an upset tummy. Oh boy was I wrong. I woke up 20 minutes ago dieing. Like literally… I thought I was going to die. I hate throwing up more than anything in the entire world. I hate it so much I can recount every single stinkin’ time I have ever done it. That is how much I have it. But this morning I woke up feeling like I had already thrown-up… and like I might do it again. I got out of bed, used the toilet, drank some water, did a few of those gag cough things that throwing up makes happen, and then I saw it!

That nasty horrible awful pink bottle sitting on top of the medicine cabinet. And my doubled over self saw that the terribly pink liquid that I loath so much was good for nausea. And to be honest… I think I hate throwing up more than I hate pepto bismal. So I took some. And I did not consult the internet. Because I thought “THIS STUFF IS PINK?!” and that was reason enough to not need to look up whether it was okay during pregnancy.

And then I looked it up on the internet.


But it worked so well! Within minutes my poor tummy was feeling better. It also involved a lot of burping. But I think with out it I would’ve still been doubled over the sink.  Such a cruel world.

What did Moms do before the internet? I need to know. Because if I don’t know then I will probably do a lot of stupid things. Did they call their doctor for everything? I don’t have the ability or the wherewithal to do that! So internet, I am passing this on by word of mouth. That awful pink stuff is not suggested for use during pregnancy. I did a little research though, and don’t feel like I screwed up too bad.

The reason they suggest not taking bepto pismal is because it contains Bismuth Subsalcylate, which is a Salcylate – which is the same group that aspirin comes from. In children this medicine can cause Reye’s syndrome, and if you take it near the end of your pregnancy it can cause the ductus arteriosus to prematurely close. This is something we want to eventually close, but not yet! The ductus arteriosus allows blood to bypass the lungs of a fetus, which aren’t ready to oxyginate blood, and it also allows for the heart of the fetus to… get more practice being a heart (This usually closes off 4-8 hours after the baby is born and has established breathing). <source><source> Of course… my fetus/baby is umm… this:

And I don’t think that bit of ductus arteriosus has even formed yet… mostly because it doesn’t hate a heart… or lungs yet. So to be honestly, while sadly I won’t be taking pepto bismal again (and trust me, I understand the irony), I don’t think I have done any damage.

But I feel so much better. Cruel world.

Continue the fun!

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  1. I don't know how effective it is, but I've heard that ginger is supposed to be helpful against nausea. Try it in tea, fresh, whatever feels right, hopefully it will help.

    1. What works best for me right now is to drink some water as soon as I feel sick. Just the act of swallowing makes the feeling subside. Thankfully I am almost out of the first trimester – so it shouldn't last too much longer. 🙂

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