Lots of ultrasound!

November 17, 2010 – Lots of ultrasound!

Today I didn’t get to eat until 4 pm. I was a grumpy bumpkin today.

I had the intentions of limiting the amount of ultrasound type things I have done on my embryo in utereo. Unfortunately at my first prenatal appointment it was diagnosed that I might have serious problems with my gallbladder. The way to figure out these problems? Ultrasounds. 30 minutes of it. Of course, it was the right upper-quadrant, but I wonder how much of it bounces off and makes it was down south? I don’t know.

Any way, I spent a good bit of time today in the waiting room. And then a good bit of time with goop on my stomach, rib cage and belly button (the lowest). Then I got a parking voucher (yippee!!), bought some toilet paper, stopped by Sonic, and then I went home and made up for the 15 hours I had gone with out food.

And now I just want a nap.


update: All of this came back inconclusive. Perhaps the pain is coming from the cyst on my ovary, and not from one of my other organs. Who knows?!

Continue the fun!

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