Gearing up!

Originally written:  November 8, 2010 – Gearing up!

I called the hospital and set up my first doctor appointment. I know I had said I wanted to try out the women’s clinic, but this was just easier. When I called they said I wasn’t far enough along (per my insurances rules?) to come in for an appointment yet, but that typically the first appointment is between 7 and 9 weeks. I’ve 6 weeks right now. So I have scheduled my first appointment for November 15. It’s a week away. It is kind of complicated, since I am going to be moving in a few weeks, and then I will have to find a new doctor any way.

I kind of laughed when I was reading the hospitals rules. They do not allow any filming or photography during the actual birth. B-man and I were talking about whether or not that was something we wanted. Like… who actually goes back and watches the birth of their child? But, at the same time – I don’t see what could be wrong with taking a picture… if the baby is all the way out of the body, then can you take a picture? Can you take a picture of the cord cutting? I don’t even know if these are things I want, but I am glad I am not stuck with this hospital – just because of how limiting a lot of their rules seem. Is it typical to only allow one person to stay with you? How many people do most hospitals let you have in the room for the birth?

I was interested in doing a home birth for a while – but I am worried that  because of my weight I may be considered high risk. I guess I will find out in a week! I guess I should start researching hospitals up north as well. That would be a lot easier if I knew where we were going to live. So I guess I should get on top of THAT too!

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  1. What the what?! You're pregnant? Congrats! And about the no pictures thing- I've heard a few explanations from medical profession friends. One, is that they don't want someone getting in the way of the doctor trying to get the perfect shot (I think that excuse is kinda lame, honestly). Two, if something goes wrong it has something to do with a fear of being sued and having photographic evidence of it. Three, to protect the privacy of the doctors/nurses that might be in the picture as well.

    Honestly, after seeing the stunning photographs of Jenna's birth, I would be sad if I couldn't have photos taken at the birth of my kid. I'm glad you still have that flexibility 🙂

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