Tis the season…

… for shameless marketing! hahaha. Tis also the season for Christmas cards. I don’t have a picture of the one I sent out last year, but it was a picture taken by my pro-photog sister-in-law, Twila Davis Reed. It was a beautiful picture of my husband, our two dogs, and myself. I think I made some joke about the dogs in the little message. Yeah. Super creative! lol.

The year before that I was engaged, but not due to get married about another 8 months. None of my extended family had met my husband to be, and vice versa, so it was an opportunity to introduce every one, at least via mail! Okay… after 20 minutes of searching for this card… I can’t find it either.

In my technology class they talk about ordering the file system so it is logical and makes sense. I’m trying. But it’s kind of like when I keep my glasses in the medicine cabinet… because it makes sense – that’s where I go first thing in the morning… but then when I need my glasses at 3 in the afternoon I can’t find them.

But it involved pictures like this:

I also included a picture of us at one of his games. And there was a little poem… that I wrote myself, about how when you jumble up the letters between “Hokies” and “Vols” – somewhere in the middle you with find “love”. I thought it was clever. B-man thought it was lame, and a little too risqué to send out a Christmas card with the word “love” on it. Go figure. I sent them any way.

Usually I have a budget for these types of things. I try to spend less than $20. Of course, last year I bought 50 cards, and 20 of them are still sitting on my front entry way table. lol. This year has been rather devoid of pictures – so maybe our Christmas card will feature the dogs?! lol.

So, the purpose of this post is actually to do a little shameless promoting of my own. Ordering picture cards for the holiday time is so easy, and super affordable. Even when B-man and I were both in college, and neither of us had a job, we could afford 25 cards at least – and that covers the closest of the extended relatives. BUT – if you have a blog, I have a suggestion for you. Are you listening? If you go to THIS WEBSITE on Shutterfly  you can get 50 free photocards by writing about their cards. I haven’t used their website for cards before, and I have used them for printing pictures. The quality is good, and the price is right! If you were to purchase 50 of these cards it would normally cost upwards of $50! <Sarcasm>So if you don’t mind getting into the Christmas spirit with a little bit of capitolism </sarcasm> go check it out!

Pssst… what do you think of this one?

Wanna get your own free set of Holiday cards? Check out Shutterfly!

Continue the fun!

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