How did this happen?

It’s November already! I can’t believe it. I was talking with my Dad on the phone this morning as he drove past Knoxville, and I said “I’ll just see you at Thanksgiving” to which he reminded me that Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away. And then after Thanksgiving is… umm… December. Then in December is GRADUATION!!!

The next month is going to be one heck of a very very crazy month. Graduation is on December 11th. We have family coming into town, and then they are going to help us move back up to the DC area! It’s really weird to think that my time is Knoxville is over. I mean – four and a half years ago I came to UT. My parents moved me into my first dorm room, and then I stood and waved as they drove away. I wondered around for a bit, and then went back to my room and crid.

I asked B-man today if he cried when his parents dropped him off at school – and he said no. Apparently guys don’t cry.

But I have changed and grown so much in the last four years, it’s almost impossible to recognize the fresh faced 18 year old I used to be.

Our college days are almost over!

Continue the fun!

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