Food, glorious food!

So Brandan and I went to Texas Roadhouse this evening. I had a coupon. Then we went to Petsmart, since it was right next door. And we bought dog food. Lots of it.

And no, it’s not all for Zuko, there is one bag for each dog. And we bought the big bags because in the long run it’s cheaper. But seriously! Almost $100 in dog food. I do love my puppies though. Gretel is doing so well. For an 11 year old dog you would never guess! She jumps around and plays and gets super excited. I am so happy that she came to live with us. Even though we don’t have the yard for her, she is so happy and healthy and doing much better than I expected. Brandan just brought the dogs in…
“They both peed and pooped.
It was wonderful.”
And as Zuko rings the bell to go out again (it’s a lie… he just like being outside), I think Brandan is ready for the next step. We have had the dogs a year, and none have died, or even had anything bad happen… it’s baby time… right? lol. Just kidding!
My birthday is next Tuesday. I don’t think it will feel much like a birthday, what with all of the homework and tests scheduled for that day. But Brandan is going to make me dinner and a cake and we’re going to just spend the evening (after 8:15 when I get home) together.
Continue the fun!

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