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What is your biggest pet peeve in the entire world? Some times people will prompt this question, and often times I come up with something that I find mildly irritating. I’m not really a hateful person. I’m very quick to forgive, and usually I associate a bad mood with a bad day/experience. Giving people the benifit of the doubt has made my life a lot easier. I don’t get mad at bad drivers, or mean teachers, or ignorant class mates. Perhaps they are not having the best day – and ignorance is just what is coming out. Maybe it’s a long stretch, but it is healthier for me to do this.

But, there is one thing that drives me absolutely crazy. What is it, you ask? When people are LAZY my head starts to spin. I just can’t handle it. Now, I’m not talking about your kind of lazy. The “Honey will you take out the garbage because I’m watching TV” kind of lazy, or the buying McDonald’s for dinner because you’ve had a crazy day and you’re exhausted kind of lazy. I’m talking about the kind of lazy where… it’s your own fault. Like, you’ve spent all day working on a ridiculous spread sheet of everything you need to do, that you don’t have time to do any of it. Or you’ve spent all day watching TV, and now you don’t have time to make dinner. Or you have convinced yourself that something minuscule is important, and thus you ignore the important things. It drives me crazy because I know people who works their butts off all day, and often times all night (parents? any one? lol), and then they keep going. Sure, they have an occassional lazy moment where it is just easier to do something that will save them stress.

I am actually really pissed off right now about a specific some one who is probably the laziest person I have ever met – but I don’t like to talk specifics on here. It tends to bite me in the butt. So I won’t. I just feel like, I am working so so so hard with this internship on top of all of my other classes, and I still manage to get dinner on the table and the house is reasonably clean, and my husband is still breathing and my dogs haven’t chewed the furniture apart – so life is good. But it is good because I take responsibility for my problems and my time, and I am ever so careful to manage my time so that I can do things I enjoy (like watching TV all day on Saturday) and still be productive. I guess what I’m saying is there needs to be a balance. Yes, feel free to give yourself the night off, but don’t do it every night – organize better. Prepare better. I would rather have a crazy hectic life with a few messes around my house, than sit on my butt all day doing nothing, and paying some one else to do every thing for me. Prideful? Probably.

Knowing all of this about me, I have a confession to make. On Monday – I forgot to make dinner. When I am stressed and busy, I don’t eat a lot. I just… forget. So I didn’t make dinner. Tuesday morning I asked B-man if we had dinner the night before, and he said no. lol. I hadn’t even realized. Of course! The man can feed himself! I guess we had a kind of late lunch, so all was well and good, but I think my brain really is turning to mush!

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  1. Laziness really bothers me too. Everyone needs down time to relax and recover, but there are limits! And of course, the more time you spend being lazy, the more it becomes your normal behavior and you have a harder time fighting it off. But I'll admit, I'm totally guilty of the making a ridiculously long list of things that I need to do and then realizing that just looking at the list has me too overwhelmed to get as much of it done as I could type of thing. I'm trying to be better about that, but I so love my lists!

  2. My best friend is the laziest person I know, and it absolutely effing kills me. Her husband lets her go to college without working; she takes like 15 hours and is always telling me how busy she is. But I know it's not true, because every time I call her on her "day off" from school, she's sleeping. This girl can sleep the entire day away, waking briefly to smoke cigarettes and watch trash TV like Gilmore Girls. They have a small apartment so I know it wouldn't take her long to clean the house, but she still acts like keeping it up is one of the hardest tasks she's ever accomplished (or not accomplished).

    I'm not going to act like I'm busy – I'm not, and I have a guilt complex about it. I work a 40 hour week with a 2 hour daily commute (both ways, not each way) and I, as a rule, don't clean on weekdays. That's for weekends. Also, I'm not a clean freak. But I work my workday and make a nice dinner every night, and I'm still not busy. So don't tell me that your 15 hour schoolwork no job small apartment self is busy all the time! It does NOT take you all day to take your husband's shirts to the dry cleaner!!!!!

    Sorry, I tend to rant when I talk about it. In short, I agree with you, I hate laziness. =)

  3. Agreed – laziness is the worst. But that is amazing that you forgot dinner! I wish I did that sometimes. When I'm stressed, I eat more. And I never EVER forget to eat. Anything. At any time.

    ps – in answer to your question from my post, yep, I think you need to update your reader to my new site – sorry! I know that's annoying! yet another peeve, I'm sure. 🙂

  4. silly your post so did not bother me! i've been in a blogging funk and haven't commented or posted lately. i have a good reason for my laziness currently…being sick does it. but normally you're very right…lazy people can drive me nutty. especially when you work with people like that and they get the credit for all the work when you did all of it and they sat on their pretty little behinds.

    1. oh good. 🙂 I say, let the blog sit – you will eventually get back in the groove, and you'd regret getting rid of it.

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