Tuesdays are busy days for me. I started out my morning at 6 am, went to the gym, swam for an hour, and then went to get reeady for my day. I was rushed out of the locker room by a very impatient woman, and then I rode my bike back to my car. Gym stuff in car, school stuff with me, I headed to my first class. I will sit in here for an hour and fifteen minutes, then I will go to another 1 hour, 15 minute class… and then one more after that (3 total). Then I go to an hour long class, take an hour off, and then I interpret at an hour long meeting. 

After my work schedule is through I will do some tutoring, I will go home around 7, make dinner, do homework, and then go to bed. Then start it all over in the morning.

And now you see why my blog is barren. I am almost always always busy. 

Swimming may not be the best option for me. My arms are a little sore, but on top of that my eyes are bright red, it looks like I’m hung over, and despite washing my hair three times it still smells of chlorine. But it is my favorite kind of working out. If only I could find my goggles. Any ideas where they might be?

I am very ready for fall break! Thank goodness this week is only three days long!

Continue the fun!

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