Giveaway Winners!

Yes, I said winners! I didn’t post a final date on the original blog update. Partly because I forgot, and partly because I didn’t want to limit myself. I am giving away one copy of In Defense of Food, and as a special treat the runner up will get a copy of Food Rules.

So, the winner is:

kate: I’m dying to read this book! I have a horrible relationship that started like yours – vegetables were always punishment. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the way I think about food and choose foods to eat and why and I think this book would really help me think harder about those things

And the runner-up is:

Laura: I do the same thing with my dogs! I buy them this special good dog food and then I eat junk. Just last night I ate so much at dinner out with friends I have been sick since then. Why? Because it was my “night out.” You see, I know better, I have been on weight watchers for 6 months! I should have stopped eating when I was full – oh and why did I have to eat Nachos? Ugh! I am definitely interested in checking this book out for a different perspective.

Congratulations ladies! I will be in touch with you shortly to get mailing addresses!

Thanks so much to every one who shared about their relationship with food. It is interesting to see how alike a lot of us really are!

Continue the fun!

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