World Domination!!!!!!!!

“Just go ahead and fortify why don’t ya!!”
So today, after I did my homework of course, Brandan and I played 6+ hours of a game called Civilization 4. I am exhausted. But… I did conquer the world, so I guess I have a good excuse. Brandan and I don’t have a lot of our hobbies in common, I like artsy crafty things and chick-flicks, he likes video games and sports. It’s not that I don’t like what he likes, it just we don’t have much over lap. So this weekend I said I would play with him. I had noticed he was soliciting his friends online to play this game with him, so I figured I would try.
Umm… this game is complicated. Your advanced techy 12 year old would not enjoy this game. It’s kind of like Risk, Stratego, Monopoly and Life all rolled into one… and Battleship. It is neat to see the progression of the game, but it take a lot of guessing… and being lucky. I honestly was glad he couldn’t see my face for most of it… I really did get frustrated and bored with it. BUT… the important part… is that he enjoyed it. And now he owes me one. šŸ™‚
Will I be playing any more of this game? Maybe. We set it up so that we were on teams, so maybe if we were playing against each other, some of the elements were changed I might be a little more willing. But we will see. I did manage to get one assignment done. The one due today. But, I still have my assignments that are due tomorrow. So, I guess I will be working on that tomorrow… ummm… wish me luck!
Over all, it was a wonderful weekend of family bonding, and I enjoyed spending the time with my hubby. <3
Continue the fun!

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