Remember that giveaway?

Tomorrow I will announce the winner of the giveaway! I am so thankful to every one who opened up and did a little thinking about their own relationship with food. Knowing, and acknowledging are half the battle!

In other news… I am feeling a lot better. I don’t know what it is about Thursdays, perhaps their proximity to Fridays, but I usually feel pretty relaxed by Thursday. I usually have a class tonight until super late, but it’s been cancelled, so I get to go home at 2, finish my paper that is due tomorrow… and then chill!

I have found a new favorite food too. Any one else tried to limited Peach Mango Muffin from Einsteins? Don’t do it, because you’ll never stop. It has a crunchy top, and a supple, soft, peach and mango filled center of goodness. I have considered trying to recreate something similar at home… but if I do that… I may never lose any weight. I had sworn them off for a few days, considering this one muffin is around 500 calories, but I had to skip breakfast due to an alarm malfunction, and I won’t be having lunch until 2 pm. See how I justify my desicions? Terrible. TERRIBLE!

It’s a process.

My blog has been rather picture-less recently. Partly because I’m not doing anything picture worthy, and partly because I feel like my pictures don’t compare to the other blogs I follow, and I’m embarrassed by my dependence on the macro button. I own a canon powershots camera. Very fancy. Trust me. Ok, maybe not. But it works. One day… when I have better things to take pictures of, I will return to that. I promise.

And lastly… I bought my CAP & GOWN for graduation. In December. That’s really soon. Perhaps I should start a count down. In 78 days I will be a college graduate! Holycowhowdidthathappen?!

And then I will sleep. For an entire year.

Forgive me.

I like sleep.

Continue the fun!

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  1. I know you're crazy busy right now, but I wanted to say that I miss college in a lot of enjoy the remaining time you have as much as you can! And then once you graduate, sleep for an entire year like you said! =)

    I hope I win the book!!

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