My Yesterday

I woke up at 8 o’clock to be ready for my classes. I haven’t been a fan of waking up lately, but it was easy. I knew I had things to do.

Breakfast – check

Shower – check

Clothes – check

Stuff – check

And I left. But I was late. Always. ALWAYS!

My friend who signed up with to take my computer tech class with me went to the wrong classroom… but it was the same class, so he stated there, with out realizing he was in the wrong room. lol. I felt a little better about being late.

My next class as 15 minute later. I walked to the building I thought it was in. But it was in room 555, and this building only had four stories. Oops. Wrong building. So I turned around, and spotted a freshman. She looked lost. But she had a map. She let me look up my building, and the started walking with me. I asked her if she was going to class. “Nope, back to South Carrick.” She responded confidently. I felt bad, having to tell her she was walking the complete opposite direction of SC, but I did. She was thankful, laughed a little, and turned around.

I was also late to my second class. It was a mile away! So I got to Philosophy, and the room was too small for the class. Like… 50 people were standing or sitting on the ground. I hope that gets fixed. I am going to be rushed for time every day, with only 15 minutes to hightail it over there, so I am never going to get a seat if the room stays so packed. If I’m sitting on the floor where I can’t see I am much more likely to play games on my computer, than I am to pay attention. Bah!

My last class was much later in the evening, so I went home for a lunch break. Educational Psychology is last, and it is a prep class for teacher certification. Which I don’t need. But the class is required. It is from 5:45 – 8:30. LATE! But thankfully it wasn’t as bad as I expected. A  lot of other signing majors complained about the class a lot, but maybe I got a different teacher, because she seemed really nice, and the class kind of seems almost… easy. I guess we will see.

Then I went home. I was making chicken and curry rice. I did two things I don’t usually do. I had a cup of chocolate soy milk, and I stole some caramel ice cream topping from the fridge. And then my through and tongue swelled up, my eyes got itchy, and I got hives on my lips. My normal reaction for most fruits and some vegetables – but umm… I’ve had both of these things before with out problems. Part of me hates myself, because I think my allergies are related to my weight. I’ve never read that, or heard or been told… but I just have a feeling. I started getting random allergies at about 19 years old, and the list just keeps growing. Thankfully we had some benadryl, so I took one, ate dinner, and promptly passed out. So now I don’t know if it was the caramel, or the soy milk. So tonight, before bed, I am going to try the soy milk again, with benadryl on hand. That way if that is the problem – I can just go to bed, with out losing my hole night.

I’m allergic to:

  1. Apples *
  2. Peaches *
  3. Cherries *
  4. Red and green bell peppers
  5. Soy milk or caramel

* If these items are cooked, then I can eat them.

If something has even the tiniest piece of cooked or uncooked bell peppers in it… I hate my life for the next 24 hours. It’s sad because bell peppers used to be my favorite snack veggie.

So, are you allergic to anything? Have you always been allergic to it? Is it a new thing? And do you think it was the soy milk, or the caramel?

Continue the fun!

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  1. I used to be allergic to citrus, but it was very mild. My face would get all red if I got the juice on me. Thankfully I outgrew it. I'm not sure, but I would guess the milk…assuming you regularly drink regular milk. Carmel is generally just boiled sweetened condensed milk. Good luck with your experiment and your classes!

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