Yet again I got in….extremely late last night. It seemed like the numbers worked out nicely last time, so I shall try that again!

  1. Yesterday when I got back I went to bed around 7:30 or 8, and then I slept for an hour. It wasn’t like, relaxing sleep, because I had to wake up in time to be at the church by 10 in the morning (so leaving at 9:30, so being awake by nine….) and so it was more of a closing my eyes and trying to just relax a bit, even if I wasn’t sleeping.
  2. At nine I woke up, got church clothes on and went to the church. There was another baptism of one of of my friends, and so I went to support her. She’s this tiny cute little girl (except she’s in her lower 20’s) and she is SO happy all the time. I like her a lot, and I knew she would be disappointed if I didn’t show up. Lol, she was so happy to see me that she ran out of the picture they were trying to take to ‘tackle’ me…..i guess is how to describe it. πŸ˜›
  3. After the baptism we chilled for a little bit, then I had to get my car washed because I parked under a tree and had these tiny little seeds stuck all over my car, and I ended up paying $60 to get it all taken off. Which is kind of sucky, but they cleaned the inside really good too. lol. eh. I’m not going to think about it.
  4. After that I was supposed to go to a Halloween party at 3, and I had planned on getting there around 5:30, cause it was going to last until 6, but I decided not to. (Cause I was asleep, and each time my alarm went off, I would set it for later, and I finally just turned it off.)
  5. Tonight for the football game they were supposed to go to this one guy’s house, but instead we decided to go to Kelsey’s house (because there were no adults there….lol. It’s her grandparent’s house, but they were out of town….) The game started at 7:45, and I left my dorm at 7:45 and got there around 8:15 (cause I got lost, it should of only taken me 15 minutes, but oh well. We ate food and watched Tennessee win at South Carolina! WOOT! It was a good game to watch, and a lot of fun to just hang out with every one. I really enjoyed it.
  6. After the game most people left, we ended up with Me, Kelsey, Matt, Brian and Lyndsi there and we watched a movie (She’s the Man) and just sort of laid around. I love hanging out with these people. Even doing nothing is cool! lol.

Last night I ended up getting home around 3:30, but it was really 2:30 because of daylight savings…so all is good. This morning I am going to church twice…well…sort of. I am going to sacrement meeting, and then sunday school, and then I am going to MY sacrement meeting, and then I will be off like a mad man to go get ready for my concert!!! lol. I am expecting quite a few of my friends to show up, but I’m not getting my hopes TOO high. In any case, my concert is at for, we are performing Mozart’s Requiem and Ave Verum (both Mozart pieces, the first being 51 minutes in length) and then I will probably go back to my dorm and SLEEP!!! lol. Something I haven’t gotten much of this weekend, but that is honestly ok to me, because I had an awesome time!

Me….and my hair…lol. It may not look like much, but it’s fluffy!


I will be putting up the rest of my pictures after church/concert. πŸ˜›

Continue the fun!

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