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I am kind of a hit-or-miss kind of person. Either I am in a really great mood and awesome, or else I am pissed off and easily annoyed. Starting last night I was the latter.

  • I’ve been kind of busy, what with trying to eat/pee/sleep/shower during Ginny’s 20 minute naps (all three of them!), so while I have been able to get dinner on the table every night, I have not been doing the dishes or laundry or anything else… but it seems like my husband has forgotten how to help out around the house. I mentioned this to him, but all he said was “Yah, I’ve been feeling lazy.”  Umm… thanks.
  • Facebook changed again. Get over it people.
  • I think one of my biggest pet peeves is when people complain about free things. Like going to a wedding and complaining about the food, or using an online program to store all of your pictures (for free!) and easily communicate with people on a daily basis (for free!) and then complaining when things get changed. Why do they make these changes? I’m sure it has more to do with making the program efficient (so it does more but uses less space, costing them less money). So unless we all want to start forking out money so that we have a say in what kind of program we want… well… ya. You get my point.
  • I also hate it when people make stupid comments on face. Oh… I spelled a word wrong… thanks. I don’t need six people to tell me. I don’t correct your spelling or make a joke of your life… do I? Sometimes it requires my best self restraint to not retort with some snotty comment about their inability to realize they are being a meany.
  • When some one mentions an accomplishment (like finally learning to knit after 7 years of trying… yes… that’s me. Thankyouverymuch.) remember that if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.
Actually… that about covers everything that should be coming out of peoples’ mouths. I am sure that the 6 people who jumped on my spelling mistake with out realizing that my status was about something important to me, or the person who always leaves obnoxious comments, weren’t TRYING to be mean… but they were.
Now I need to find the motivation to go do the dishes, and the 20 loads of laundry waiting on me.

Also… I have some super exciting, life altering, crazy big news. But… I can’t share it yet. And trust me. It’s crazy and way out of the blue!

And actually… just thinking about this new development has me ready to clean my house. Not sure how that happened, but here I go!

Sorry to be a downer, but if you want to join the party we all know how misery loves company! Steal the Whiny Wednesday button from the left sidebar and leave a link in the commets!

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GD: Two perspectives.

So I had my diabetes management class thingy today. And there are two ways to look at this.

I could go with the emotional side… or the informational side.

Right now I’m going to complain a bit… since ya know… it is Wednesday. And then tomorrow or maybe Friday I’ll write about what actually went on at the appointment.

First of all… I don’t know why I was so upset. I have been known to have panic attacks, especially when I was in college, so maybe this diagnosis was just what put me over the edge. I don’t know. But I’m feeling a lot better about it.

The finger pricking doesn’t hurt. I don’t know if people will believe me when I say that though.

It was a TWO hour appointment. And honestly… it felt like a complete waste of my time, and my husband’s time. I had already learned all of the information they were giving me through my own readings, and from my doctor. They could’ve showed me how to use the meter and explained the dietary limits all in about 30 minutes. Instead I just got really frustrated over how annoying it was. lol. I’ll explain this more tomorrow.

Just wanted to offer a quick update.

Meeting was fine, albeit frustrating and a waste of my time.

How was your Wednesday?

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Whiny Wednesday

  • Everything in my house is beige – and I hate it. A lot. My walls, carpet, and the majority of my furniture is beige. You would think with so much nuetral that it would be easy to make things more color full… but I’m struggling!Give me ideas on how to add color… and don’t say pillows. Pillows at my house always end up on the floor.
  • I have a long list of to-dos, but mostly I just want to stay in bed and sleep.
  • The Harry Potter book I’m reading is too big, and it is uncomfortable to hold it while I’m laying in bed, and so it ends up hurting my tummy, and then I have to lay on my side, and it makes my shoulder hurt. Last night B-man says “You need a Kindle”… to which I responded “I wanted one… and you said I should get a little laptop instead because it was the same price.” Grrrr. Of course, I am glad I got the laptop, and I could download the books onto my kindle reader that is on the little laptop… but… I don’t wanna!
  • For people who watch that show “I didn’t know I was pregnant” and then say “How is that even possible?!” I’ll tell you how: If you’ve always had irregular periods, if you’re fat like me and you’ve only lost weight, if all of your symptoms are easily attributed to a stomach bug combined with a cold, if you don’t glow, or have perfect skin or shiny hair, and if you felt exhausted before getting pregnant… then you might be pregnant but not realize it because all of these things are pretty normal. So stop saying that. I’m glad that you were healthy when you got pregnant, but I wasn’t… and… yeah. Take that!
  • on a momentary happy note… my doctor says that I can’t lose any more weight… hahahahaha…. as some one who has been working on losing weight umm… their entire life (adult life?) this was kind of funny to hear. She also said that I shouldn’t gain more than 15 pound, which, if I do that I will still be below my original pre-pregnancy weight. 🙂

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If you have some complaints to get off your chest, leave it in a comment and I’ll be sure to add it to my list!

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I’ve found a side of myself, I never knew existed.

I know I have talked about my internal battles over being a stay at home Mom vs. working. I am so blessed to have this choice – I realize that. I know a lot of Moms can’t stay home for very long after giving birth, and I’m sure with this job market there are plenty of people who would like to be working Moms, but can’t because of the sucky economy and the high cost of day care.

Now… if you know anything about me, I have always been very pro-SAHM with regards to myself. (Just a general though: when I share what I think about something, it’s really how that thing fits into my life. As mentioned before, I know this isn’t the right thing for every one). Because of the way I was raised, in church, and in the military community (at least among my friends), the Dad worked, and the Mom stayed home and took care of the kids. That’s just how things were. Our Mom’s all came and helped with out fund-raisers and trips. My childhood probably seems very picturesque to some.

I recently stumbled upon an article about how Jillian Michaels is taking a year off of work to focus on being a parent to the child she is currently trying to adopt from Africa. At the end of the article were readers’ comments, and this one really kind of blew me away:

If you cannot ( if it’s financially possible) take at least a year off of work for your child, you are indeed a narcissistic, selfish woman who is only interested in her “fulfillment”!

Sad , pathetic and your children suffer. Obviously some HAVE to work, but I can honestly say 70% choose to do it for their own benefit. Children thrive with their parent at home. And yet another report stating that children who are overweight are usually products of moms who “work” outside the office.

Now I realize that, per my last comments on this topic, some people interpreted me as saying something similar. But I’m going to let you know… I am a changed woman. Changing the perspectives we grow up with can be a difficult thing. I spent a long time typing up different responses to this comment. But I didn’t really care what she has to say in return. Some of you may recognize these things as comments you have made to me before. Look! I learn and grow because of my readers! Any way, if I had replied to this commenter… it would’ve been:

  1. “Financially possible” is a completely relative thing. Do you expect people to sell their houses and move into a box?
  2. Fulfilled Moms, are happy Moms. My husband once shared some research he’d found (I can’t find it now, but I’m still looking), that showed that working Moms were more likely to be involved and connected to their children. I speculate that this is because they are burned out, they are enjoy their lives and what they do, and they make the most of the time they do spend with their children. I would think a Mom who spends 4-5 hours of good, quality time with their kiddo is probably doing better than the SAHM who’s kiddo watches TV and play alone for a good portion of the day (This wasn’t in the research, just my own thoughts).
  3. “Sad, pathetic and your children suffer.” Firstly… this sentence is awkward. Secondly, I recently read some research that showed that children who have significant attachment to more than one caregiver grow up to be more empathetic, well rounded, and able to deal with change better. That doesn’t sound like suffering to me. If anything it is a good reason to consider socializing your child often, regardless of your working status. And if a Mom feeling good about herself and lessening her family’s financial stress is “sad” and “pathetic” then I definitely want to be sad and pathetic.
  4. Where did this 70% number come from? Show me the proof. A child benefits from a whole family. A family that is not burdened by financial stress. Which, by the way, is one of the leading reasons for divorce. Stop making up numbers. I found a statistic that says “70% of Moms work outside the home” but that does not mean all of them do so just for the extra cash.
  5. Children thrive on interaction. It doesn’t matter WHO that interaction is with, or WHERE is happens.
  6. This last tid-bit seems intriguing, and I found the research that says this. The guess is that working Moms have less time to shop and prepare healthy meals. Of course, I know many stay at home Moms who are JUST as busy as working Moms. Which means that not every meal is healthy and nutritious, and it also means that kids end up spending more time in front of the TV than outside. I think this has to do with priorities. All Moms face stress. Whether that stress is a big cooperate meeting, or piano lessons followed by soccer practice followed by church all on the same night! But I feel like it is up to the Mom (and Dad) to make healthy eating a priority. When I was growing up, mostly as a teenager – I did a large amount of the cooking in the family. Not because my Mom was working, but because my siblings were at various activities, or she was helping some one with homework.

I would love to be able to stay home and snuggle my little baby all the time. But I also have a college degree that I don’t want to waste, and a retirement fund to fill, and a house to buy. I actually have the potential to make just as much as my husband does right now, and it feels like for me to put all of the financial responsibility on him is really… selfish. If I look at my family as a whole, what will benefit every one the most? If I’m working, my child will still be getting attention, and food, and stimulation (and it doesn’t matter if this comes from my husband, grandparents, or a daycare. All three are capable.).

If my family were rich and there was absolutely no need for me to work, then I would be ever so content to stay at home all day long (partly because I am the biggest home-body you will ever meet!). But we’re not rich. We still have bills to pay, and goals to meet, and if I can help my family be financially stable, and avoid the arguments that come from financial stress, then I think I am doing something that definitely outweighs the cons that might be attached with a working Mommy.


And because it’s Wednesday:

I really hate it when people think that what’s right for them is what is right for every one else.

This isn’t just in response to the SAHM debate, but could also be applied to religion, fashion, or even food. I don’t care how much you like Okra… I will not be eating it. But seriously. It’s wonderful if you have found something that works really well in your life, by all means, share that with the world, but don’t for one second think that it is the end-all, be-all answer for everyone. We are all different, in different phases of life, and in different families.

What’s right for you, is right for you, that doesn’t mean it’s right for me.

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Whiny Wednesday

Last time I did this, I got some wonderful responses… some things to put my own life in to perspective. So… I think we should make a habit of it. Honestly – venting a little, and together, really does help me have a better week. For one thing – I get my negative thoughts out there, and secondly when we do it together it gives you a sense of perspective, and appreciation for the things that are going right in your life. I think women especially need a place, every other week or so, to get things off their chest. So… may I introduce:

*steps on soap box*

World, do you know what really bothers me? Do you?!?! No. I didn’t think so. Well, I’ll tell you what bothers me. Well… here’s a deal – I’ll tell you TWO things that bother me.

1. People who do things differently just to be different. Like when my husband insisted that iPods were stupid. When honestly – they are a good quality, good sized MP3 player that comes with a lot of support and a very user friendly interface and program. He just didn’t want to have what every one else had! Or when people name their kids crazy things. Yes – it’s your right to do that, but the kid is the one who has to forever explain that their name is “Alizzabeth” or “Jessikah”. If you want a unique name, then don’t try to name your kid something so popular!

2. People who think they know everything. I don’t know everything. But I do know somethings. So it really bothers the crap out of me when people who know nothing about the things that I do know about try to correct me or talk over me. I typically don’t open my mouth unless I am 100% sure that what I’m saying is true. I wish people had better filters on their mouths. It’s nice to know your opinion, but I don’t need to know it all the time, 24/7.


And that is it. My bit of rant. This isn’t directed any one who likes me enough to read my blog. If that makes sense. I guess I could say “If you read my blog, but you do these things, don’t take it personally – because it’s not about you. Promise.”

So, help me feel like less of a whiner, and tell me what’s been on your mind lately, eating away at your sanity. You have two options:

1. Leave it in a comment here!

2. Post your Whiny Wednesday on your own blog, steal the “Whiny Wednesday” button from the right side of my blog, and join in preserving the sanity of women everywhere!

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